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Access Other Region’s Netflix with Unblock-Us

by Dave Elliott


If you’re looking for the ultimate DNS experience, we strongly recommend Unblock-Us. This user-friendly SmartDNS service offers an impressive bundle of features to help you bypass geoblocks and enjoy global content free of restrictions. Providing access to 200+ channels, fast connection speeds, and 24/7 customer support, Unblock-Us has come out on top as one of the leading DNS providers in the industry. Unblock-Us also never logs users’ data or shows decreases in connection speeds, making them a largely trusted brand.

Once you download their free and easy-to-use SmartDNS software, you’ll be connected to Unblock-Us in minutes and accessing the nifty unblocking benefits they offer. To help you get a better idea about why we recommend Unblock-Us as a SmartDNS service, we’re going to take a look at what Unblock-Us offers and provide some background on how their service functions.

How it Works

Basically, a DNS, or, domain name server, takes the data associated with your geographical location and re-routes it through a server located somewhere else. As a result, you’re essentially given a pass to any content that’s available in that area — which also happens to be restricted to that region, meaning you’d normally have to physically be there to access it without using a DNS service. Just like that, you’re connected to a server in another region and able to bypass any regional restrictions or forms of censorship!

This function often comes in handy for those living in countries where content is limited and they want to expand their options. For example, Netflix Canada is notorious for having a limited library of titles, so DNS services are quite popular with Canadians wanting to access Netflix U.S. and other content-rich regions.


As their name suggests, Unblock-Us is obviously fantastic at its main purpose, which is unblocking restricted content. One of the features that makes them the top contender in this area is the impressive amount of channels they offer access to. Unblock-Us currently supports over 200 channels, including everything from sports, international content, music, television, film, children’s programming and more to cover all your interests in entertainment. With Unblock-Us, you can access all 21+ Netflix regions no matter where you’re located, and regionally-exclusive services like HBO NOW, which is only accessible by those in the United States, are available to users in restricted regions. Whether you want to catch your favorite BBC programming while you travel or explore the latest TV shows on the US version of Hulu, Unblock-Us will give you the ultimate all-access pass to anything you’re looking for.


One of our favorite aspects about Unblock-Us is the wide variety of devices they’re available for. To name a few, Unblock-Us supports devices across various platforms like Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Roku, XBox 360, and many more. Whether you want to connect to their SmartDNS at home or on the go, Unblock-Us lets you take full advantage of their service by being so versatile (a feature you don’t often find elsewhere). One of the best things about Unblock-Us is that you can use their service on as many devices as you want, just as long as they’re on the same network and subscription, and they can all be used simultaneously — talk about really get the most out of a SmartDNS.

When it comes to configuring your devices of choice, you’ll notice Unblock-Us offers incredibly simple, easy-to-follow guides on setting up SmartDNS. You don’t even need to download any tricky software to get started; you’ll simply change the DNS settings of your device to connect with a SmartDNS server located in the specific region you’d like to access.

Free Trial & Standard Pricing

For those unsure if a SmartDNS is for them, Unblock-Us luckily offers a free, 7-day trial of their service. You don’t need to use a credit card to start the free trial, so no commitment is required, which is one of our favorite parts about Unblock-Us’ user-friendly mentality. As far as their plans go, Unblock-Us offers two options: a monthly plan for $4.99 per month, and an annual plan for $49.90, which estimates to be about $4.16 per month. Compared to other DNS providers, Unblock-Us offers competitively low prices without sacrificing impressive features and smooth usability — in other words, you really get the whole DNS package with Unblock-Us. While one type of plan may suit your needs over the other, we’d recommend the annual one as it saves you money compared to paying monthly, and you’ll have the unblocking benefits of a SmartDNS all year round.


While there are a large amount of SmartDNS providers to choose from, finding the right one shouldn’t be hard considering that Unblock-Us offers everything needed — and more — in a SmartDNS service. With unmatched speeds, hundreds of channels to choose from, and the ability to use their service on any device, Unblock-Us proves to be a top choice in the industry. Even if you’re on the fence about signing up for Unblock-Us, we highly recommend at least trying their free 7-day trial so you can see for yourself what this impressive service has to offer. Check out Unblock-Us today and get instant access to the best unrestricted content from around the world, on any device, anywhere you’re accessing it from.

Click here to check out the Unblock-US.

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