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Agents of Shield moves from Channel 4 to E4

by Dave Elliott
Agents of SHIELD Season 3

Agents of SHIELD Season 3

We’ve been waiting patiently like good little Agents, but it was starting to look like we might have to ‘Hail Hydra’ to sneak Agents of SHIELD into the UK… But finally, we have some news about the return of Coulson and the gang. It seems the delay was partly due to Channel 4’s decision to move the show over to E4 to run it’s 3rd Season. Honestly, this seems like a sensible move. It’s really more of an E4 show, and fits their demographic much better than  the main channel.

We finally get to see what became of Simmons after the shock end to season 2, and also meet more Inhumans (my Geektown Radio co-host Chris will be very happy about that!) This season focuses on Daisy aka Skye aka Quake (girl really needs to pick a name) as she and the rest of SHIELD start to recruit a new team of super-powered people and Inhumans, whilst still dealing with the ones that have chosen to use their powers for more nefarious deeds.

Hopefully the late start and move to E4 will remove the need for a mid-season break this time around… Fingers cross… Something Coulson may have a problem doing… at least on one hand… ;)

Agents of SHIELD will return to the UK in January on it’s new home, E4.

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