01 – The Walking Dead UK Podcast – S06E09

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18 Feb 16
The Walking Dead UK Podcast

The Walking Dead UK Podcast

If you’ve been listening to Geektown Radio the last couple of weeks, you’ll have heard us mention that we would be involved with a new Walking Dead podcast. With Monday night’s ridiculously explosive (quite literately explosive!) return after the mid-season break, a group of us got together to dissect what happened…

Led by Geektown Radio co-host Matt, the panel included myself, Sophie from the SmiliesSophie Blog, and Chris from The Walking Dead UK Fan Group on Facebook. It’s currently up on Soundcloud and iTunes, or you can just click the link below!

As part of the return of our favourite zombie-based tv show, I was sent a cool infographic from myvouchercodes.co.uk, which has a number of interesting facts about the show! Check it out below!