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The Flash (not the TV one) Gets A Director

by Dave Elliott
The Flash (not the TV one) Gets A Director

The Flash (not the TV one) Gets A Director

The upcoming movie version of The Flash has found it’s director, and it’s Rick Famuyiwa. Nope… I had to look him up on IMDB as well. Rick is an up-and-coming director who’s most recent project Dope, wowed people at Sundance, and won some very favourable reviews. Famuyiwa had reportedly previously been in talks with Marvel as director of their Black Panther movie.

As i’m sure many of you are aware, DC caused some controversy when they announced they would be making a Flash movie starring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, rather than combining their TV and Cinematic universes. It remains to be seen how the audience take to Miller as Flash, when Grant Gustin is already doing such a fantastic job with the character on the small screen.

The current version of the script has been written by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scribe Seth Grahame-Smith, who was also supposed to direct, but left over ‘creative differences’. That version of the script is based of one written by The Lego Movie geniuses Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who were also originally in line to direct the picture, but dropped out.

Famuyiwa apparently appealed to DC as they think he has a vision for the film that would ‘resonate with young viewers’. Presumably these are the same young viewers who also know and love Gustin as the Flash…

The Flash movie is currently slated for release in March 2018.

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