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CW Release First Photo Of Tyler Hoechlin As Superman

by Dave Elliott

Last month it was announced that Tyler Hoechlin would be joining Supergirl as Superman, when the show returns in the Autumn. Today they have released the first official photo of Hoechlin in his new TV Superman outfit!


Pretty snazzy I’d say! The new version of the costume was put together by Supergirl’s resident costume designer Kiersten Ronning. Just for comparison purposes, here’s The 2013 Superman (Man Of Steel) suit, the 2016 Batman v Superman suit and the new Supergirl Superman suit side-by-side:


Poor Tyler… He was never going to fill out the spandex like Mr. Cavill… However, if you look at the suit itself, you can see that the dimpled effect on the material has crossed over, but some of the additional sculpting marking on the torso have not been transferred.

The colouring is very similar, choosing to stick with the more muted red and blue of the current films, rather than the lighter colours of earlier TV and movie versions. There are also differences on the belt, and the addition of gold clasps to the cape. I think the suit itself looks good, but Hoechlin maybe needs to spend some time with Cavill’s gym trainer…

Supergirl will return, along with the other DC shows, in the Autumn.

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