New Arrow ‘Break The Rules’ Trailer

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28 Sep 16

We have been somewhat bereft of comic book shows over the past few months, but with those darker nights drawing in, out come the superheroes.

Season 4 of Arrow had a somewhat mixed response from fans. Some loved the Olicity shipping of it all… Others would like to Felicity dropped in a deep hole, and brand showrunner Marc Guggenheim as Satan for ‘ruining’ the show.

Whatever your point of view, Season 5 seems to be taking things in a new direction. Oliver (Stephen Amell) is considering taking up killing again, something Speedy, aka sister Thea (Willa Holland) has a big problem with. We’re also getting a lot of new villains and heroes this time around. With most of team Arrow on a break from the life, and each other, Oliver is training a new group to help with the fight to save Star City.

Rick Gonzalez (Reaper, Mr. Robot) is joining as Wild Dog, whilst Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin), seen last seen as Black Canary/now known as Artemis, and Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), who goes on to become Mr. Terrific, are also joining the fight. Additionally there is Josh Segarra (Chicago P.D) as the imaginatively named vigilante… Vigilante, and Joe Dinicol (Blindspot, Grey’s Anatomy) as Ragman.

On the villain side, Ollie with have The Walking Dead’s Chad L. Coleman as Tobias Church, and the the new ‘big bad’, aka, the mysterious masked face of Prometheus to contend with.

This season is also see an end to the flashback sequences, which are set in Russia this time around. That means a new Russian ‘big bad’ in the shape of the legendary Dolph Lundgren.

Arrow is currently scheduled to return to Sky 1 at the end of October, along with all the other DC shows.