Tom Hardy Cast As ‘Venom’ In Upcoming ‘Spider-man’ Spin Off Movie

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19 May 17
Tom Hardy Cast As 'Venom' In Upcoming 'Spider-man' Spin Off Movie

Tom Hardy Cast As ‘Venom’ In Upcoming ‘Spider-man’ Spin Off Movie

Sony just announced they have found their ‘Venom‘, for the upcoming ‘Spider-man‘ spin-off movie… And his name is Tom Hardy!

Venom, for those of you not up on your Marvel history, first appeared in May 1988 during the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. Spider-Man is on another world when his suit gets ruined. Thor directs him to a machine which is supposed to read his thoughts and instantly fabricate whatever clothing he needs… Except this is Peter Parker, so of course, he picks the wrong machine… The machine he chooses does give him a snazzy new black & white costume, but unknown to him at the time, it’s actually a sentient alien symbiote. After returning to Earth, and realising the symbiote is trying to permanently bond to him, he uses sound waves from a cathedral’s church bell to force it off his body. Unfortunately it finds a new host…

The new film, which is due out in October 2018, will see Hardy take on the role of Eddie Brock, the reporter to whom the ‘Venom’ alien symbiote bonds itself. The movie will be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad), and written by Jeff Pinkner (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Fringe, Zoo) with Scott Rosenberg (Zoo, Con Air, High Fidelity).

Unlike Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Venom movie isn’t a co-production with Marvel Studios, and (at the moment) Spidey is not set to appear, so it’s likely the origin of the symbiote in the film will be somewhat different. Venom has been bonded to a number of people during its time on Earth, so it could be that they steal one of the other origin stories, and transpose it onto Eddie Brock.

Venom is just one of a number of movies Sony has planned as part of, what they’re referring to as, ‘Sony’s Marvel Universe’. The films will feature various characters from Spider-Man’s universe.

The Venom movie stars shooting in the Autumn, with a scheduled release date of the 5th October 2018.