Master X Master – Exclusive interview with MXM Brand Manager Sean Orlikowski!

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27 Jun 17

Master X Master (MXM) is a brand new free to play action MOBA for PC from NCSoft, which is now live for you to play! Geektown recently had a chance to attend the exclusive press launch event, and I was lucky enough try the game out and get some exclusive interview time with MXM’s brand manager Sean Orlikowski, who talks about the game’s development. Just check out the video above for the interview!

The game is built around a rather fun tag team, character swapping mechanism. This allows every player to pick a team of 2 characters from a wide range and utilise them in a huge variety of games. From the level-based single player or co-op PvE levels, through 3 against 3 matches, 5 against 5 battle arenas, to 11 fast-paced mini-games. MXM has so much to offer!

The controls are intuitive and responsive, meaning you can dive straight into matches without needing a manual, and the characters are varied & full of personality. If you like to play offensively, you can pair up a tank character with a healer to charge in and out of the action. If you’re a more tactical sort, you can hang back with a sniper and healer… Or play (as I do) with guns blazing, and take 2 fast, aggressive, all-out offensive characters! The combinations allow for a vast array of approaches so you can go into any game or level with the skillset you think will work best.

They also have a social lobby area allowing you to meet friends or make new ones to team up with in your favourite game modes. “One of the things we thought was lacking… was a social gathering point for people,” comments Orlikowski. “It’s not just people looking at a friends list, choosing them, and going into a game. You’re actually interacting with people in a lobby before you chose the game which you go into.”

Overall its a really easy to pick up game where the experience is all designed around their fun core tag mechanism with a very clear emphasis on fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but it’s very cleverly designed and it’s clear a lot of hard work and love went into this one.

If you have 5 minutes, or a few hours to spend messing about online, I’d highly recommend giving Master X Master a go. Its free and you can unlock the entire character roster just by playing.

You can find out more by visiting Hope to see you all online!