Amazon Cancels ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, ‘I Love Dick’, ‘One Mississippi’. Amazon UK Picks Up ‘The Bold Type’

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18 Jan 18
Amazon Cancels 'Jean-Claude Van Johnson', 'I Love Dick'. Amazon UK Picks Up 'The Bold Type'

Amazon Cancels ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’, ‘I Love Dick’. Amazon UK Picks Up ‘The Bold Type’

Amazon has culled of some of their freshman shows this year. ‘Jean-Claude Van Johnson’ and ‘I Love Dick’ have both been cancelled by the streaming service. ‘One Mississippi’, which made it to 2 seasons, has also been dropped. On the plus side, Amazon UK has picked up Freeform comedy-drama The Bold Type.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as a global martial arts and film sensation who also happens to be the most dangerous undercover private contractor in the world. ‘I Love Dick’ was an adaptation of Chris Kraus’s cult classic novel starring Kevin Bacon. ‘One Mississippi’ was a semi-autobiographical series from Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody.

Amazon are in the process of trying to move away from the smaller, niche, projects and are looking for larger shows with a broader appeal. We saw the start of this with the announcement back in November of them picking up the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ prequel series.

On the upside for us Brits, Amazon UK has picked up comedy-drama ‘The Bold Type’ which airs on US network Freeform. The show follows the lives and loves of 3 women who work for the global women’s magazine, “Scarlet.” Created by Sarah Watson (‘Pure Genius’, ‘Parenthood’), the series stars Katie Stevens (‘Faking It’), Aisha Dee (‘Channel Zero’, ‘Sweet/Vicious’), and Meghann Fahy (‘Necessary Roughness’, ‘Chicago Fire’) as the rising generation of Scarlet women leaning on one another as they find their own voices in a sea of intimidating leaders.

The Bold Type‘ Season 1 comes to Amazon Prime UK on Friday, 9th February 2018.