MCM Comic Con: Christopher Judge Talks ‘God Of War’s’ Kratos. Says Something New Is Coming For ‘Stargate’

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30 Jul 18

This weekend we headed up to Manchester to check out all the fun and guests at MCM Manchester Comic Con. One of those guests was ‘Stargate’ and ‘God Of War’ actor Christopher Judge.

Christopher Judge will be known to many people as ‘Stargate: SG1’s’ Teal’c, and also as the voice and motion capture artist for Kratos in ‘God Of War’. He also voiced Magneto in the ‘X-Men: Evolution’ animation, and has popped up in films such as ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark’ and ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!’

It was a really fascinating interview will Christopher, where he talks about nearly throwing in the towel on acting before ‘God Of War’ came along and revitalised his career. However, it was his comments about ‘Stargate’ which really got the press room chatting after he left.

One of the interviewers asked “So what are you doing next?” to which Christopher replied, “You’ll know very soon! If you saw any of the stuff from Comic-Con [SDCC last week] that was the start to it. Whatever form Stargate takes next, I’d be very happy, for the rest of my career, to just do whatever’s going to happen with Stargate.”

That lead to the obvious follow up “So are you saying there’s something new coming following Stargate at SDCC?” to which he replies “Where’d you get that?” and lets out a bellowing laugh. “There’s something coming,” he adds. “I’m not really at liberty to expand on that.”

He goes on to talk about how the producers were genuinely listening to fans at SDCC last week, and how he was really impressed by their attitude towards the franchise. But is, obviously, being very careful about saying too much. We’ll have to wait and see what materialises!