VR Gaming in 2019: What Can We Look Forward To?

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29 Nov 18
VR Gaming in 2019: What Can We Look Forward To?

VR Gaming in 2019: What Can We Look Forward To?

If you think that virtual reality (VR) is a relatively new technology within the last decade, you might be surprised to find that the concept of VR stems back to the 1800s.

While the stereoscope, which was invented in 1838, and the beloved and iconic View-Master arrived a century later, may not be our idea of virtual reality, they were the early beginnings of mindblowing and super realistic technology.

The 1980s and 90s were a time for experimenting with VR and while there were some temporary “hits,” the trend didn’t last long and mostly fell flat and became forgotten. VR headsets stormed onto the tech scene in 2010, and while they were popular, many interested VR players couldn’t afford the pricey technology.

If you think that VR has all but disappeared, you’re wrong. Even though the hype behind virtual reality seems to have died down, mostly because augmented reality (AR) has overshadowed VR, VR is still alive and well and here’s what we can look forward to in 2019.

Improved VR Headsets

VR gaming in 2019 looks exciting, but it’s likely to be even better because there are some promising improvements in store for VR headsets. This is great news for VR gamers because what’s virtual reality without a headset that performs well?

Not only are VR headsets expected to have better features like eye tracking, inside-out tracking, higher resolution, and wireless capabilities, but the price tag may be the lowest it’s ever been. For years, VR headsets were limited to those who had a big budget for the latest tech gadgets, now many of the headsets are between $200 and $400.

VR Games in 2019

Like traditional console games, there are plenty of types of VR games to choose from, and you can expect to learn more about the titles as they get closer to their release date in 2019. If you’re into puzzle/adventure games that have an interesting plot to go along with the challenge of solving a mystery, A Fisherman’s Tale and Ghost Giant are expected to be popular picks.

Are you a fan of whimsy and games like Animal Crossing? Check out Land of Amara. If you like shows like Rick and Morty, VR games like Trover Saves The Universe or Vacation Simulator are titles you’ll definitely want to check out once they are released.

There are plenty of action games with the opportunity to team up with other players. Whether you like shooter games, something a little bit gory, or graphics that are reminiscent of comic books, there are dozens of VR games slated to come out in 2019.

Love to hit the blackjack table or play the slot machines? There’s great news for casino lovers; we can expect to see more top-rated and high-quality VR online casinos. This VR Casino Guide we found has everything you need to know about VR gambling. You have the best of both worlds: enjoy the casino experience without leaving your home.

Are you more of a traditionalist and lover of old school games? There are plenty of classics, like Tetris, that will become available for VR players.