FOX New Series Trailers: ‘Filthy Rich’, ‘neXt’, ‘Prodigal Son’, ‘Deputy’, ‘BH90210’ & More!

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14 May 19

FOX New Series Trailers: ‘Filthy Rich’, ‘neXt’, ‘Prodigal Son’, ‘Deputy’, ‘BH90210’ & More!

Following the FOX Upfront presentation last night the US network uploaded a string of trailers for their upcoming new shows. They include Kim Cattrall’s Empire-esque drama Filthy Rich; AI Thriller neXt from the producers of ’24’; Serial-killer drama Prodigal Son from Greg Berlanti, starring TWD’s Tom Payne and the always brilliant Michael Sheen; Stephen Dorff fronted cop/western drama Deputy; Family drama Not Just Me; And the ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ “revival”, BH90210.

Filthy Rich

From writer/director Tate Taylor (‘Ma’, ‘The Help’, ‘The Girl on the Train’) comes Filthy Rich, a southern Gothic family drama in which wealth, power and religion intersect – more correctly, collide – with outrageously soapy results.

Meet the Monreauxes, a mega-rich Southern family famed for creating a wildly successful Christian television network. On the cusp of launching a digital retail arm of the company, the family’s patriarch, Eugene (Emmy Award winner Gerald McRaney, ‘This Is Us’, ’24: Legacy’), dies in a plane crash, leaving Margaret (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Kim Cattrall, ‘Sex and the City’), a now-‘Oprah’ to the religious and Southern communities, to take charge of the family business.

Not surprisingly, Eugene’s apparent death greatly impacts the Monreaux children: Eric (Corey Cott, ‘The Good Fight’, ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’), the couple’s ambitious son, who assumes he will now run the show; and daughter Rose (Aubrey Dollar, ‘Battle Creek’), a budding fashion designer, who constantly struggles to evade the vast shadow cast by her mother.

If that wasn’t enough, the Monreauxes are stunned to learn that Eugene fathered three illegitimate children, all of whom are written into his will. Now, Margaret must use her business savvy and Southern charm to control her newly legitimised heirs, whose very existence threatens the Monreaux family name and fortune: Ginger (Melia Kreiling, ‘Tyrant’, ‘The Borgias’), the tough-as-nails daughter of a Vegas cocktail waitress, whose life was virtually destroyed by Eugene’s rejection; Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar, ‘Straight Outta Compton’), a single dad and boxer from Queens, NY; and Jason (Mark L. Young, ‘The Comeback’, ‘We’re the Millers’), another scion, who is not what he seems to be. With monumental twists and turns, not to mention lies, deceit and shade from every direction,

‘Filthy Rich’ presents a world in which everyone has an ulterior motive – and no one is going down without a fight. The series is based on the New Zealand format created by Filthy Productions Limited.


From creator and executive producer Manny Coto (’24: Legacy’) and executive producers and directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (‘This Is Us’), neXt is a propulsive, fact-based thriller about the emergence of a deadly, rogue artificial intelligence, a series that asks us to look closely not only at our relationship to technology, but to one another.

Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc (Emmy Award nominee John Slattery, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Veep’) built a fortune and legacy on the world-changing innovations he dreamed up, while ignoring and alienating the people around him, including his own daughter, Abby (Elizabeth Cappucino, ‘Jessica Jones’, ‘Deception’), and his short-sighted younger brother, Ted (Jason Butler Harner, ‘Ozark’, ‘Ray Donovan’), who now runs Paul’s company. After discovering that one of his own creations – a powerful A.I. called neXt – might spell doom for humankind, Paul tried to shutter the project, only to be kicked out of the company by his own brother, leaving him with nothing but mounting dread about the fate of the world.  When a series of unsettling tech mishaps points to a potential worldwide crisis, LeBlanc joins forces with Special Agent Shea Salazar (Fernanda Andrade, ‘The First’, ‘Here and Now’).

Having escaped crime, poverty and a deadly criminal father to remake herself as a force for good, Salazar’s strict moral code and sense of duty have earned her the respect of her team – a talented but contentious group held together by her faith in their ability to defy expectations and transcend their differences, including Gina (Eve Harlow, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, ‘Heroes Reborn’), a high-strung cybercrime agent; Ben (Aaron Moten, ‘Disjointed’, ‘Mozart in the Jungle’), a straight-laced, buttoned-up hard worker, who is boring to the point of being interesting; and CM (Michael Mosley, ‘Ozark’, ‘Seven Seconds’), an ex-con hacker with a genius IQ. But the demands of Shea’s challenging job have taken their toll on her home life, where Salazar’s young son, Owen (Evan Whitten, ‘The Resident’, ‘Mr. Robot’), has been raised primarily by his father, Ty (Gerardo Celasco, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’), a recovering alcoholic.

Now, LeBlanc and Salazar are the only ones standing in the way of a potential global catastrophe, fighting an emergent superintelligence that, instead of launching missiles, will deploy the immense knowledge it has gleaned from the data all around us to recruit allies, turn people against each other and eliminate obstacles to its own survival and growth.

Marrying pulse-pounding action with a layered examination of how technology is invading our lives and transforming us in ways we don’t yet understand, ‘neXt’ presents us with a villain unlike anything we’ve ever seen – one whose greatest weapon against us is ourselves.

Prodigal Son

From Emmy Award-nominated executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter (‘Riverdale’, ‘The Flash’) and writers Chris Fedak (‘Deception’, ‘Chuck’) and Sam Sklaver (‘Deception’, ‘Bored to Death’), Prodigal Son is a fresh take on a crime franchise with a provocative and outrageous lead character and a darkly comedic tone.

Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne, ‘The Walking Dead’) has a gift. He knows how killers think, how their minds work. Why? Back in the 1990s, his father was one of the best, a notorious serial killer called “The Surgeon”. That’s why Bright is the best criminal psychologist around; murder is the family business. He will use his twisted genius to help the NYPD solve crimes and stop killers, all while dealing with a manipulative mother, annoyingly normal sister, a homicidal father still looking to bond with his prodigal son and his own constantly evolving neuroses.

Meet the “happy” family… Dr. Martin Whitly (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Michael Sheen, ‘Masters of Sex’, ‘Frost/Nixon’) is intelligent, wealthy and charismatic, and also happens to be a predatory sociopath who killed at least 23 people. Bright’s mother, Jessica Whitly (Bellamy Young, ‘Scandal’, ‘Criminal Minds’), an elegant and WASPy New Yorker, wields sarcasm like a samurai sword and has an opinion on every aspect of Bright’s life. Perhaps Bright’s only ally is his sister, Ainsley Whitly (Halston Sage, ‘The Orville’), a TV journalist who wishes her brother would “take a break from murder” and have a normal life.

Unfortunately for his sister, the only way Bright feels normal is by solving cases with the help of his longtime mentor, NYPD Detective Gil Arroyo (Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lou Diamond Phillips, ‘Longmire’, ‘Stand and Deliver’). Arroyo’s one of the best detectives around, and he expects no less from his team – Detective Dani Powell (Aurora Perrineau, ‘The Carmichael Show’, ‘Jem and the Holograms’), a headstrong no-nonsense cop who quickly becomes impressed with Bright’s work; and Detective JT Tarmel (Frank Harts, ‘The Path’, ‘Billions’), a born-and-bred New Yorker who questions whether Bright is a psychopath himself. So much for normal…


From writer/executive producer Will Beall (‘Aquaman’, ‘Gangster Squad’) and director/executive producer David Ayer (‘Training Day’, ‘End of Watch’), Deputy blends the spirit of a classic Western with a modern-day attitude and emotionally driven, visceral storytelling. Featuring an ensemble of ambitious and complicated human beings who won’t rest until justice is served, the series brings a gritty authenticity to the modern cop drama.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is one of the largest police forces in the world, but when the elected Sheriff dies, an arcane rule in the county charter, forged back in the Wild West, suddenly thrusts the most unlikely man into the job. That man is Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff, ‘True Detective’, ‘Star’). A fifth-generation lawman, Bill is only interested in justice; his soul wears a white hat. The bad guys don’t stand a chance, but neither do the politicos in the Hall of Justice.

Under Bill’s command is a county-wide crew of LA’s finest, including Deputy Cade Ward (Brian Van Holt, ‘Cougar Town’), a former Marine stationed in Afghanistan, eight years sober and one of Bill’s few confidantes; Deputy Rachel Delgado (Siena Goines, ‘Andi Mack’, ‘Chase’), Walker’s partner, a meticulous officer who is knee- deep in a nasty divorce; Deputy Breanna Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus, ‘Arrow’, ‘Voltron’), the whip-smart, sarcastic driver in charge of Bill’s security detail; and Deputy Joseph Blair (Shane Paul McGhie, ‘What Men Want’).

The dangers associated with the job often lead the police to LA County General Hospital, where Bill butts heads with Dr. Paula Reyes (Yara Martinez, ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘True Detective’), the hospital’s chief trauma surgeon – and his wife. Given a job he never wanted, in an unfamiliar sea of politics, Bill quickly learns that doing what is expected and doing what is right are two different things and that his innate, dogged pursuit of justice is the only skill the job truly requires.

Not Just Me

Executive producer Jason Katims (‘Friday Night Lights’, ‘Parenthood’) and writer Annie Weisman (‘About A Boy’, ‘Desperate Housewives’) bring you the story of an unusual family formed through extreme odds in Not Just Me. Exploring such hot-button issues as identity, human connection and what it truly means to be a family, this unconventional dramedy taps directly into the zeitgeist, harnessing the emotional complications that new generations of IVF-bred children all face.

Only child Julia Bechley (Brittany Snow, the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’) finds her life turned upside down when her father, Leon Bechley (Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton, ‘American Crime’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Ordinary People’), reveals that, over the course of his prize-winning career as a pioneering fertility doctor, he used his own sperm to conceive upwards of a hundred children.

Reeling from this explosive revelation, Julia discovers two new sisters – her former best friend, Edie Palmer (Megalyn Echikunwoke, ‘The Following’, ‘90210’), and an ex-Olympic athlete, Roxy Doyle (Emily Osment, ‘The Kominsky Method’, ‘Young & Hungry’). As these three young women begin to embrace their new reality, Julia must figure out what life is like without Leon by her side; Edie comes to grips with her burgeoning sexuality, as her marriage falters; and Roxy faces adulthood out of the spotlight. Against all odds, the three women will attempt to form an untraditional bond as sisters, even as they must welcome a tidal wave of new siblings into their rapidly expanding family.


BH90210 sees the original cast of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ reunited in an extremely self-aware and meta take on the idea of a series revival…

Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling and Gabrielle Carteris all play heightened versions of themselves in this new serialised drama, which sees the actors back together, 19 years after the series ended. As they reunite, one of them suggests they should finally get the reboot up and running. But getting it going might make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself.

What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast – whom millions watched grow up together – attempts to continue from where they left off?

As these shows have only just been announced, there is obviously no UK pickups yet, but we’ll let you know when we hear something.