Netflix Releases Teaser & Pics For ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Final 7th Season Which Premieres In July

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22 May 19

Orange Is the New Black will return for its 7th and final season this July, and Netflix has released a little teaser trailer, along with some “first look” photos of the final episodes.

The series ushered in a monumental era of television, and for six unforgettable seasons has fearlessly tackled some of the most difficult, relevant, and human stories of our time. In its final season, the ladies of Litchfield come to terms with the fact that prison has changed them forever.

*Season 6 spoiler warning!* If you remember, at the end of last season we saw Piper (Taylor Schilling), Sophia (Laverne Cox) and Blanca (Laura Gómez) all get released in the finale. That meant a tearful goodbye to Alex (Laura Prepon), who is still locked inside, although Piper & Alex did manage to get “prison married” before she left. Whilst Piper & Sophia are reunited with family, Blanca is immediately taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and taken to a new detention facility. Unfortunately for her, the new place is also run by MCC, now rebranded as PolyCon Corrections, following the bad press from the riot.

In Season 7, Piper struggles with life on the outside, while life in Max, as corrupt and unjust as ever, goes on without her. Taystee’s (Danielle Brooks) friendship with Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) still hangs in the balance as her life sentence looms, Gloria (Selenis Layva) and her kitchen staff are confronted by the hard truth of Polycon’s newest profit stream, while others chase drugs or dreams and grapple with the reality of their place in this world.

Along with the teaser above, Netflix also released a few photos of the new season, which you can see below:

Orange Is the New Black‘ 7th and final Season premieres Friday, 26th July 2019 on Netflix UK and worldwide.