Hottest Netflix Releases for July 2019

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02 Jul 19
Hottest Netflix Releases for July 2019

Hottest Netflix Releases for July 2019

If you thought this summer is going to be a boring one with nothing else to do just avoid the head and go to barbecues all day, think again. Well, at least when talking about the summer from July onwards. Netflix has prepared no less than 44 new movies and original shows for you and comes back with new seasons of some of the hottest series. We did all the work for you and put together a list of new seasons and totally fresh stuff Netflix is going to roll out this year. So, let’s jump right in!

Returning Shows: ‘Stranger Things’, Season 3, ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 7, and more!

Indeed, the 44 new original shows and movies are quite a big thing. However, none of them can really compete with the hype created around ‘Stranger Things’. The third season will air on Independence Day and you can forget all about the fireworks, parades or any other festivity. Figures say this third instalment is the most hotly anticipated release on Netflix the entire year. After an unbelievable success in Season 1 continued by the dark-ish Season 2, it is believed that Season 3 will back all the fun from the first season as well as the terror and drama from Season 2.

And even though Stranger Things enjoys most of the attention, this is not the only sequel the guys from Netflix are preparing for the summer. The final season of Orange is the New Black as well as another season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee are also in the arriving this month.

Another title that is sure to create a lot of enjoyment to fans is ‘La Casa de Papel’ (aka ‘Money Heist’ in the UK). The fabulous Spanish series picturing El Profesor, Tokyo and the former detective has reached its third season and it will air on the 19th of July.

So, now that we’re done with the new seasons of consecrated shows, let’s check out what’s fresh out of the box this month.

New Shows

‘The Last Czars’, Season 1

Inspired by the success ‘The Crown’, it looks like Netflix really got a taste for royalty and the Romanov family is the perfect match for another successful series. Netflix commissioned this six-part docuseries that will tell the full story of the Romanov dynasty. In case you’re a bit rust with your history, the Romanovs ruled Russia for over 300 years between the 1613 and 1917 and it is one of the most successful dynasties around. You are getting front row seats to watch the rise and fall of this renowned family that has a tragic ending with Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family were slaughtered soon after the February Revolution.

‘Blown Away’, Season 1

If history and especially Russian history isn’t your cup of tea, you can sit back and enjoy some of the most interesting glass creations. Blown Away is a reality show on glassblowers and it is believed to be the first reality show with this theme. And since glassmaking has been around for over 35 centuries, there are plenty of stories to be told and techniques to be discovered. The show will see glass artists compete against each other and the idea is to start with 10 artists and eliminate one in each episode. It’s already obvious that this show is not only for those interested in glassmaking or art as it can offer a very interesting insight on this ancient art and the secrets behind it.

‘Extreme Engagement’, Season 1

You’re looking at another reality show proposed by Netflix for July. The idea behind this reality show is to take an engaged couple and allow set them on a journey around the world where they can explore various marriage customs in diverse cultures. At the same time, their relationships will be put to the test as all the adventure and different customs may bring them closer together or break them apart. The outcome of this show is as random as pokies games and it promises an intriguing story for each episode.

So, no matter if you’re planning to have an active summer or just chill and enjoy the hot weather, make sure you’re never too far from a device that can play Netflix. You’re in for a real treat and especially with the heatwave announced, there’s no better activity than watching your favourite shows while sipping on a cool drink.