The Hollywood Subject Matter That’s Stood The Test Of Time… And A Few That Haven’t

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26 Aug 19

The Hollywood Subject Matter That’s Stood The Test Of Time… And A Few That Haven’t

There are always familiarities in Hollywood movies. Some things just lend themselves perfectly. They’re tried and tested and continue to thrill audiences from across the world.

Others most certainly have faded. The musical saw a dip for many years before the likes of La La Land, A Star Is Born and The Greatest Showman resurrected the genre, while there are some that are well and truly mainstays.

But what are the subjects we welcome back time and time again to the silver screen?


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It’s a format that continues to thrill as it offers a taste of opulence as well as the ability to get viewers on the edge of their seat with just one turn of a card.


Gangster is another format that has continued to thrive based upon the fact it’s something that be enjoyed by regular folk. Not unless you fancy a stretch in prison anyway.

Scarface is often considered the ultimate, but even now we’re seeing groundbreaking gangster series and movies, from the likes of Narcos, which has even ignited an entire tourism scene, to Tarantino’s new movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

It’s a genre that will only improve, particularly with Scorcese’s The Irishman also about to land and we for one are not complaining one bit.


We see a new generation of movie lovers arrive every year, all growing up in a different way, based upon the society in which we live. That means there will always be a call for a coming-of-age story that lives up to the era it’s in.

It’s all about relatability and that will never change. The likes of Stand By Me and Juno have been huge films across generations while more recently Lady Bird, Boyhood and now Good Boys have received rave reviews.

Those Fallen Behind…

Of course, it’s not gone to plan for every genre. It’s rare to see American high school movies of quite the same ilk to American Pie or Porky’s these days, the humour certainly wouldn’t be politically correct enough, while film noir hasn’t really made a mark for a while, aside from one-off movies such as the latest in the Blade Runner franchise.

Westerns are also less prominent as they once were. A shoutout must go to the Coen Brothers’ recent Netflix movie which featured short stories set in the wild west (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) but overall they are becoming fewer and further between.