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11 Great Films & TV Shows Set In School

by Jason Smith

11 Great Films & TV Shows Set In School

We all know how stressful school life is. You’re constantly worrying about exams, projects, and grades. Not to mention dealing with cranky teachers and awful bullies. That’s why a lot of people will tell you their school years were just alright.

But our school years are also some of the best times of our lives. We meet great friends, make unforgettable memories, and are constantly learning new things. That’s why there are so many great movies to watch that are set in school! Not just movies, but TV shows too.

If you’re looking to revisit your school years, see our list of 11 great films and tv shows set in the school. These are some of the best movies to watch, so you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Saved By The Bell (1989 – 1993)

This is an easy one. Though the show’s nearly 20 years old now, it’s called a timeless classic for a reason. This tv series is set in high school and follows the lives of six friends. The show is still remembered by many because it depicts school life incredibly well! The show is also getting a new version for NBC’s Peacock streaming service following the kids of the original gang!

  1. Mean Girls (2004)

Who hasn’t heard of Mean Girls? This classic movie, set in high school, follows the story of a Cady – the new girl in school. Follow her journey as she navigates through cliques and bullies in high school. Not a lot of people know this, but the movie is loosely based on the nonfiction book Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman.

  1. Glee (2009 – 2015) 

This phenomenal comedy-drama-musical is a must-see. The show follows a group of teenagers all brought together by their high school’s Glee Club. Despite coming from very different cliques in school, these students become an unlikely group of friends. The incredible success of this tv series is unmatched. It’s been nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes too.

  1. The Breakfast Club (1985)

This comedy-drama film never gets old. Similar to other shows and movies on this list, The Breakfast Club follows five students who all get stuck in detention together. If you’ve got a bunch of work piled up, ask someone to do your hw for free and watch this movie instead! This movie was selected to be preserved in the US National Film Registry by the Library of Congress because it is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

  1. Community (2009 – Present)

Community is an excellent show that centres around a lawyer that has to return to community college to get a degree that he had previously falsified. The community really sheds light on how difficult college can be. Instead of dropping out and getting a fake degree, if school life gets too tough, consider getting some help. If you’re thinking, can someone do my homework for free, try Edubirdie to do your homework. Whenever you think, can someone help me with my homework? You can ask professionals at Edubirdie.

  1. Easy A (2010)

Who doesn’t know this teen comedy that skyrocketed Emma Stone to stardom? The movie follows a clean-cut student, played by stone, who begins to use gossip as a way of increasing her social standing at school. While the movie had a budget of $8 million, it was able to gather a revenue of $75 million.

  1. Riverdale (2017 – Present) 

This popular CW tv series (which airs on Netflix UK) has characters from the beloved Archie Comics. But don’t be fooled, the show is nothing like the comics. It’s great on its own and follows a dark thriller theme. The show has received very positive reviews, and its fifth season is set to air in 2021. It’s also currently one of Netflix’s most popular TV series.

  1. High School Musical (2006)

High School Musical is the first instalment in the HSM trilogy. The film is a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, set in a high school with rivalry among high school cliques (instead of families). This movie was insanely popular on its release, with over 7.7 million viewers on its premiere. It still has a significant following today; as of 2019, HSM has had over 225 million viewers. You can stream the whole movie series on Disney+, along with the ridiculously named spin-off, ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’.

  1. That ‘70s Show (1998 – 2006)

This sitcom introduced many A list Hollywood celebrities to the world – namely Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The show follows Eric Foreman and his group of friends that are navigating through high school. What gives this a special touch is Red and Kitty Foreman, Eric’s parents, who are absolutely hilarious characters.

  1. School of Rock (2003)

Who doesn’t love a classroom turned rock band? Ring any bells? We’re talking about Jack Black’s classic movie School of Rock. The comedy film received highly positive reviews from critics, and it remained the highest-grossing music-themed comedy from 2003 to 2015. If you’re looking for a great school film that also showcases incredible musical talent – this is the one.


  1. Teen Wolf (2011 – 2017) 

While this TV series was definitely set in high school, it has the supernatural twist that’s missing from other entries on this list. The show is loosely based on the 1985 film and follows the story of a young werewolf, played by Tyler Posey, who’s in high school when he gets ‘turned.’ The show had a very successful run for six seasons. It received positive reviews and numerous awards as well.


There’s really no shortage of film and tv shows set in school. We picked our top 11, but there are so many more to watch once you go through this list! With these great movies to watch, you’ll have a lot to do, and we’re sure you won’t get bored!

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