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How Does Real Life Poker Compare to Online Video Poker?

by Jason Smith

How Does Real Life Poker Compare to Online Video Poker?

Video poker has existed for more than four decades and was one of the first games to be offered online. Since it was already delivered on a screen, developing the canvas for playing video poker online wasn’t much of a problem. The goal was to emulate what you would experience while playing the best live casino poker and since then, masses have flocked to enjoy the classic game online. However, each option is unique, with inherent pros and cons. Here is a brief look at the significant differences between real-life poker and online video poker games.

Where the Game is Played

Ever heard that playing poker can help you build other skills? Online video poker is accomplished using a browser on a personal computer or mobile device. Most online poker sites are fully optimized for mobile platforms, allowing punters to play on the go. You can compare casinos online and sign up to start playing instantly.

Some sites provide mobile apps that you can download and install on your device. The main difference between real life and online video poker is you don’t need to leave the house to enjoy some online poker games.  It is location-free and comes with the inherent benefits and limitations of playing online. Real-life poker involves finding a land-based casino with all your favourite poker games installed, or offers poker rooms and tables.

Poker Availability

Real-life poker is limited by the physical requirements and costs of expansion. The casino has to purchase the tangible machine and install it in the house to add a new poker game. Because of this, you won’t find all poker games housed in one casino, which is something you can enjoy playing video poker online. Online sites only require bandwidth and cloud space, which cost pennies compared with the price of installing new games in a land-based casino.

This means you can enjoy more games online than in any local casino. What’s more, you can play many online video pokers simultaneously, which is impossible for real-life poker. Online video poker players have access to all the available games and can join as many online poker sites as they wish.

Betting Bankroll

Sitting in a live real-life poker game will require at least $300 to play the lowest games. For instance, a full $1/$2 live No-Limit poker event may require up to $4,000, which is a lot for the generally younger population that flocks online casinos. This group of poker players can enjoy games for as low as $100 in the 5nl streets available in online poker sites.

Playing poker online is significantly cheaper than playing in land-based casinos. However, it is expected since opening a land-based casino that can provide the full social gaming experience will cost more than setting up an online platform with games. You can still play in high roller rooms online, which attracts punters seeking significant profit margins.

When to Play Real-Life Poker?

Real-life poker involves visiting a casino and securing your place at a video poker machine to take advantage over the house or finding a table to enjoy the game with friends. If you cannot do without the social aspect of the poker game, nothing beats real-life poker. You can find local casinos that provide different video poker machines for interested punters.

All you need to do is visit one with a good reputation. You can look up how to find the best casino for video poker or get a referral from a friend who loves playing at land-based casinos. Real-life poker offers the classic gaming experience and you can make some new friends and cliques. Other benefits that may draw you to real-life poker include:

  • Instant gratification – you get to walk away with whatever you have won
  • Player rewards – you can earn player rewards such as free meals, hotel stays, event tickets and more
  • Massive wins – casinos tend to have higher caps on their prizes and fully networked games with impressive bonuses

When to Play Online Video Poker

Online video poker offers the ideal solution for the younger generation of players, considering many other experiences are delivered online. The gameplay is easier to learn than traditional PC Gaming and there are limitless resources to speed up the learning curve. All you need is a PC or smartphone that can connect to the internet.

You can play poker on your computer in the comfort of your home or anywhere else. There’s no driving to a casino or waiting in queues as games are available instantly. Simply find a reputable site, sign up, deposit and start playing. Playing online poker is one of the fun things to do during the lockdown. Other merits of online video poker include:

  • Privacy – you get to play alone without distraction from people
  • Wider game selection – since online sites have no physical space limitation, they can provide an endless list of classic and modern games
  • Ease of play

Most poker players prefer online video poker sites, which offer impeccable convenience and ease of play. You don’t have to incur transit costs or scrap all your funds to play live poker events. However, these are two different experiences with unique benefits for specific players. If you have played real-life bingo, you might find the social aspect, lively setting and rewards hard to replace.

Nonetheless, technology is always advancing and online video poker experiences continue to get better. VR is also fast catching up with real life, providing a near-similar experience for those that prefer live dealers and audiences.

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