‘Silent Witness’ Season 24 Adds Jason Wong To The Team

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23 Nov 20

‘Silent Witness’ Season 24 Adds Jason Wong To The Team

Silent Witness is currently filming its 24th Season, and the drama will have a new face on the team when it returns.

The crime drama follows Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) and her team of forensic pathologists as they delve in to solve various criminal cases. The cases that end up at The Lyell Centre are rarely straightforward. Initial suspicions are challenged as the evidence mounts, and Nikki and the team must work harder than ever to find the truth.

The 23rd Season came to an explosive conclusion in February 2020, (SPOILER WARNING!) leaving a shocked audience with the departure of two of the series’ regular characters: Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr) and Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern). The 24th Season sees Dr Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) looking forward to the future. However buried secrets and memories soon surface, and, when ghosts from the past emerge, the two are forced increasingly close to one another.

As they are now a little short-handed, a new member joins the team, however, the arrival of Adam Yuen (Jason Wong) disturbs the new dynamic between the duo. A confident, bright and keen pathologist who’s constantly striving to be the best, he immediately rubs Nikki and Jack up the wrong way. Will Adam find his own way to fit in and last at the Lyell?

“I am so excited to be joining Silent Witness, like everyone else I have been a huge fan of the show for years and to be becoming part of the family feels like a huge privilege,” commented Wong. “I can’t wait for audiences to see all we have in store for them in this new series.”

Most recently Jason Wong has appeared in the Guy Richie movie ‘The Gentlemen’ alongside Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, and Hugh Grant. His previous work includes Channel 4 miniseries ‘Chimerica’, US drama ‘Missing’ with Sean Bean, and ITV drama ‘Strangers’ with John Simm.

“It’s fantastic to be back filming Series 24 of Silent Witness with five terrific new storylines, our wonderful crew, great new casts for each story and to be welcoming the very lovely and talented Jason Wong to the Lyell team, who is an absolute joy to work with!” adds star Emilia Fox.

‘Silent Witness’ is a BBC Studios production for BBC One. Executive Producers are Lawrence Till, Emilia Fox and Priscilla Parish for BBC Studios and Jo McClellan for BBC One. Nick Lambon produces. BBC Studios handle global distribution.

“We are so delighted to be filming Silent Witness and to welcome Jason,” said Jo McClellan, Executive Producer, BBC One. “Series 24 is going to be brilliant and, although fans will have to wait a little while longer than usual to see it, I promise them it is worth it!”

Silent Witness has traditionally aired in January, but as mentioned above, it’ll be arriving later in 2021 than normal due to the delay in filming caused by the pandemic. We do know it will consist of 5 stories split over 10-episodes when it does land. We will let you know when we have a UK air date.