FOX UK Picks Up ‘The Grinder’, ‘Rush’, & ‘Gang Related’ To Premiere In April

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03 Mar 21

FOX UK Picks Up ‘The Grinder’, ‘Rush’, & ‘Gang Related’ To Premiere In April

FOX UK today announced April premiere dates for three shows, as they continue to dig through their “big box of pre-cancelled US tv series” from Disney. The latest round of, what we shall now refer to as “necro-programming”, includes The Grinder starring Rob Lowe and Fred Savage, Rush starring everyone’s favourite devil, Tom Ellis, and Gang Related, which stars Ramon Rodriguez, Jay Hernandez, RZA and Terry O’Quinn.

‘The Grinder’ follows famous TV lawyer Dean (Rob Lowe – ‘9-1-1: LoneStar’) who joins his brother at their family’s law firm after his hit series is cancelled.

Dean may have no law degree, no license to practice and no actual experience in a courtroom, but that doesn’t stop him. His charisma and flair for drama make him absolutely certain he has something to give to the firm. Armed with cheesy lines and dramatic looks to the camera, Dean is ready to take the real world of law by storm. As Dean starts to insert himself into every part of his brother Stewart’s life (Fred Savage, ‘Deadpool 2’), it doesn’t take long before Stewart starts to crack.

To his family’s hilarity, Dean begins to irritate and take over Stewart’s life in every possible way, from his job to his personal life. Dean and Stewart may not see eye to eye, but when they stop arguing with each other and start arguing together in the courtroom, they make a formidable team.

‘Rush’ follows the once top attending surgeon Dr William P. Rush (Tom Ellis – ‘Lucifer’) as he finds himself tending to the wounds of L.A.’s dark and seedy underbelly. Hardened from years of tending to his less-than-squeaky- clean clientele in exchange for cash, Dr. Rush knows nothing other than his morally compromised, hard-partying lifestyle. That is until Sarah (Odette Annable – ‘Supergirl’), an old flame, re-entering his life stirs his conscience as well as his assumed non-existent heart from their indifferent state.

It’s not only Rush in danger of a ruined career, as his best friend Alex (Larenz Tate – ‘Power’) faces losing his license because of accusations of unethical behaviour at the hospital. The accusations may be true, but Eve (Sarah Habel – ‘Riverdale’), Rush’s secretary/all-round life organiser, is hoping that Rush’s most recent patient, a life coach, can help set Rush straight and stop him from dragging others into his amoral antics.

‘Gang Related’ is a gritty, action-packed drama that follows a rising star in Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force who has a dark past. Long before Ryan (Ramon Rodriguez – ‘The Wire’) joined the police, he pledged allegiance to a very different band of brothers, the notorious Latino gang Los Angelicos, so things get nothing but complicated when his police partner is senselessly killed by a powerful member.

Grief-stricken, Ryan teams up with longtime Task Force member Cassius (RZA – ‘Californication’) to try and bring justice all the while under the watchful eye of the Gang’s leader Javier (Cliff Curtis – ‘Training Day’). Javier is the father figure Ryan has tried to make proud his whole life and the reason he is where he is today, but he is starting to realise that he may be more dedicated to being in the police than he is to the Los Angelicos.

Ryan comes from the streets, and that will work to his advantage as he, Cassius and the rest of the police unit take aim at the city’s most dangerous gangs. As Ryan balances two allegiances, two father figures and two families, it’s time to determine which side of the law he’s really on.

The Grinder‘ is set to premiere Wednesday, 7th April 2021 at 9pm, with ‘Gang Related‘ premiering Monday, 12th April 2021 at 10pm, and ‘Rush‘ premiering Thursday, 22nd April 2021 at 10pm. All three shows were cancelled after one season.