The Best Movies To Watch On Your First Date

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26 Jul 22

The Best Movies To Watch On Your First Date

Watching a movie during one of your dates is the perfect activity. You get to watch something new and exciting, while still having the time to talk to your date. You can discuss what will happen during the movie, or simply watch in peace while cuddling. There are so many movies to watch, and the difficult part about having a film night with your date is finding the right one. 

A move is a perfect thing to set the mood during a date. Going to the cinema is always fun, as you will be able to watch some new and interesting titles. Remember to turn off your phone. You can save the sexting for when you are not together and enjoy the movie for now. Let’s explore some titles that are worth watching on your date.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Most of us are, or have been looking for love on dating platforms like Ashley Madison, and how to land the best partner, but what about losing a guy, can that be easy? This is what Andie, played by Cameron Diaz, is trying to figure out. She is a journalist writing for a magazine, and her next story will be about losing a guy in 10 days. She meets Benjamin, played by Matthew McConaughey, who is on another mission to keep a girl for more than 10 days. The challenges are kept secret, and will quickly show to collide, resulting in quite the strange relationship. This movie has some iconic love scenes, and even more iconic outfits.

50 Shades of Grey

Although this movie has been criticized for its acting and the manuscript, there is no doubt that 50 Shades of Grey is a great date night movie, especially if you want to send a hint to your date. There are several movies in this series, all revolving around the up-and-coming journalist Anastasia Steele, who meets and falls in love with a rich businessman, Christian Grey. He turns out to have some out-of-the-ordinary fetishes and will give young Anastasia new and interesting experiences. The movie series has gotten a lot of attention for its adult scenes, and it earned $569m in 2015, making it one of the highest-earning movies of that year.

Uncut Gems

This chaotic movie has gained a lot of attention for its many gambling scenes, and great actors. Adam Sandler is in the lead here, and he portrays a jewelry store owner with some serious gambling problems. In addition to this, he is having an affair with the young lady working the counter at the store, played by Julia Fox. The movie is definitely one you cannot stop watching. You will get so interested in seeing where Sandler’s character will end up, and some of the nonsense gambling scenes in the film. Also, the beautiful jewelry and interesting sports scenes are not so bad either.

Crazy, Stupid Love

This rom-com drama is filled with great actors such as Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and others. The story begins when middle-aged Cal, played by Steve Carell, is asked for a divorce by his wife. As a way to cope with this, he decides to change his life and appearance. Cal gets help from Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling, and has soon changed from a suburban dad to a ladies’ man. However, Jacob seems to let go of the lady hunting, when he finds the love of his life, a girl that stands Cal closely. Could this turn out to be a big problem, or is Cal a celebrator of love?

These are only some of the many titles you can watch during your date this year. If you have a date coming up, you can start looking for good movies to watch already now, for example, some of the new titles of 2022. If you want to make it even more special, you can visit the movie theater, or create a cinema at home. Take your date to a movie renting place and do it just like the old days. Don’t forget popcorn and snacks and of course your most comfy outfit.