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Becoming the Wolf of Wall Street or Smart Investments for Beginners in 2023

by Jason Smith

Becoming the Wolf of Wall Street or Smart Investments for Beginners in 2023

If you want to become the wolf of wall street or even better, you must invest smartly as a beginner. But you don’t have to keep worrying and wondering about how to get started or how to be a smart investor in 2023. Today, we will share some insider tips and investment advice with you on how to go about smart investment and trading.

An example of a smart investment is a no deposit casino bonus. This bonus gives you the opportunity to play casino games without a deposit. That’s an intelligent investment and trading by online casinos right there! Thus, if you want to know how you can become the wolf of wall street or how you can become a smart investor, this article is for you.

Build Your Team Wisely to Become the Wolf of Wall Street

Let us take a clue from Jordan Belfort’s beginning. He ascended to the top of trading only when he started to assemble and build his crew. He also clearly states that his team wasn’t professional enough at first. But he trained them, and they grew to become the experts he wanted.

So, when you are choosing your team, you must select those who will assist you in achieving your goals; who share the same vision with you; who have a strong work ethic; and who are always ready to learn.

Although Belfort’s profile outside of his companies was quite questionable, there is no denying that his team adored and respected him. Having a dedicated trading staff on your side makes things simpler. But participating in the success will also make things better.

Therefore, you have to choose carefully since you are the average of the five trading individuals you spend the bulk of your time with. So, you will learn not to abruptly take your pals out of your life. Instead, you will learn to recognise how crucial it is to associate yourself with like-minded, driven people.

Dress the Part

Jordan Belfort did not only invest a lot of money on expensive custom clothes for himself but also had his trading members’ suits made. He knew the advantages of dressing the part, so this wasn’t just for show. Looking good provides you with more confidence. It also leaves a far better impression on others because what you wear significantly influences how people perceive you. Dressing for success can genuinely boost your performance and thinking. Clothes are an investment in yourself.

It’s Not All About Money

Having a comprehensive understanding of the stock market and its potential risks is essential not only for successful investments but also to be a professional gambler. While money is essential to successful investments, it isn’t the only thing you need. You should have an in-depth understanding of the stock market and its potential risks. Pay attention to daily news that could affect your investments, and keep a close eye on global economic trends. It’s not just about numbers; you must also understand what is behind them.

Be Patient and Trust Your Instincts

The most critical lesson Belfort taught us was that patience pays off when it comes to investing. Don’t be afraid of taking risks if you believe that it will pay off in the end. However, don’t let your emotions take over; use facts and research to guide you. Be aware of the potential rewards but also be mindful of the risks. Additionally, trust your instincts when it comes to investments. Many people may have different opinions on a good or bad choice, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether an investment is worth making.

Pattern of Thought

Jordan Belfort is a beautiful example of the old Apple adage. This is probably best illustrated in the movie when he enters the Trading Investor’s Center and very immediately conducts his first transaction in the market; everyone, including the big banks, reacts to him as if he’s “just uncovered wildfire,” but in reality, all he was doing was taking the initiative to improve things.

Belfort issues a new “sell me this pen” challenge towards the film’s conclusion. They couldn’t get very far because all the audience was doing was murmuring about all the advantages of a pen. But that wasn’t how the sale was expected to be done. However, Brad (one of the characters in the movie) provided the best response in the film. His pitch was original and unique as he highlighted the importance of supply and demand.

Thus, in light of the above, the real Jordan Belfort revealed in an interview that his actual trading technique would be first to sit where the customer sat. That is, his priority is to understand the needs of the traders by asking them relevant questions before trying to sell anything to them. So, you have to be distinctive, as most people wouldn’t have taken this trading approach.

Know Your Counterparts, Always!

Jordan Belfort was successful because traders believed in him, but looking back, that was most likely not the best course of action from that set of people. However, a thorough awareness of your trading counterparts in real life and sales contributed to his success story. He would frequently inquire of others. So, this teaches us to attempt to put ourselves in the other traders’ shoes and understand how they are thinking.

Naturally, he even attempted to look into an FBI agent to thoroughly comprehend the traders he was working with, but that didn’t turn out so well. Despite this, it is unquestionably crucial to thoroughly understand what you are against.

Jordan Belfort realised as a result that he had been working with the wrong individuals at a certain point. Later after his discovery, he was able to create a custom sales pitch for wealthy customers by being aware of their wants.

The 80/20 rule may also be quite useful in this situation, in addition to stressing the significance of having a thorough understanding of the traders of Wall Street you’re dealing with. According to the Pareto principle, 20% of causes account for about 80% of impacts.

We are often educated that merely having more clients is preferable. However, concentrating on the 20% of customers with the highest revenue could be much more effective and profitable.

Don’t Pay Inexperienced Investors

Many individual investors unfamiliar with the stock market entrust the management of their hard-earned cash to purported “experts” like financial markets advisors and investment managers. Mutual financial advisors are not enchanted black boxes with superhuman AI powers. These stock market pickers spread a fund’s portfolio among more than sixty or seventy stocks to lower risk.

Anything That Seems Too Wonderful to Be True Probably Is

Jordan Belfort amassed tens of millions of dollars via a “pump and dump” penny stock scheme. Because the businesses that Belfort’s firm convinced investors to participate in were all legitimate businesses, this then makes it different from the more traditional (and illegal) practice of selling shares of fictitious corporations.

Stocks known as penny stocks are those that trade for less than $5 in the over-the-counter market rather than on one of the major exchanges like the NYSE or NASDAQ. These stocks are extremely susceptible to manipulation because of their low market cap, stock price, and daily volume. A rapid, large-volume buy or sale, for instance, might push or pull the price by triple digits in a single day.

Belfort’s “pump and dump” strategy was straightforward: have his company buy shares of these thinly listed companies, hide the shares in private accounts, and “cold call” shareholders to persuade them that these businesses were likely to go up in value. The surge in buy orders would cause the price to rise quickly, giving investors the impression that the stock charts were advancing.

The Main Things to Remember

However, it was a chance for Belfort’s company to sell its shares at a significant profit. Individual Investors fought among themselves to get rid of the falling stock when Belfort sold off his holdings, which caused the price to fall and demand to dry up. Later, in 1998, Belfort was found guilty of securities theft and cash laundering and given a 22-month jail sentence for securities fraud of $200 million. Only $110.4 million was ordered back from Belfort.

Thus, the simplest way for regular investors to protect themselves from financial crooks is to keep in mind two things:

  1. Companies are unlikely to give information to you over the phone or email if they genuinely feel that a stock will soar to the moon.
  2. Simple stock market basics like market size, volume, turnover, and profit growth can assist novice investors to spot reliable assets and screen out potential scams.

Be Consistent and Persistent 

It’s hard to deny that Belfort is persistent, but the phrases “Follow your passion” and “Don’t give up on your aspirations” merely sound like stupid platitudes from a crappy self-help book. He was known for persevering with a sale until the consumer hung up the phone or closed the door in his face.

Do not hang up until the client dies or makes a purchase. That was his mantra. Whether it was about making a transaction or attaining his ultimate objective, he was persistent.

However, you will encounter difficulties, just as Jordan Belfort’s initial attempt to succeed on Wall Street resulted in his unemployment. Even though it might seem obvious, it’s crucial to try again after failing the first time.

Know your destination and keep moving until you reach there. Belfort understood that he wanted to be extremely wealthy, so he headed to Wall Street, where extremely wealthy people congregate. You don’t have to do that, but you do have to decide where you’re attempting to go and start investing right away in the steps required to get there. It doesn’t “just happen,” therefore, be determined and persistent at all times.


Our Becoming the Wolf of Wall Street or Smart Investments for Beginners in 2023 article provides six easy principles for becoming a master in Wall Street. With these principles, you can emulate The Wolf of Wall Street a little more and set yourself up for success in the market.

Of course, the journey to Wall Street is challenging, demanding, and risk is not entirely out of the equation, but it does not have to take long. The most significant fact is that you adhere to these six points and chase your enthusiasm for investments and trading as if it were the only thing in the world. You may become the next Wolf of Wall Street if you can apply these principles. Skill and perseverance will get you far.


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