Welcome to Geektown (est. 2006) Please Drive Carefully

GeekTown.co.uk was founded in 2006 as a portal for people with a common interest in the stuff that most would describe as ‘geeky’.

Over the years it has grown to include gadget reviews, regular competitions, custom ‘geek’ related t-shirts, interviews and podcasts.

We also have expanded on to other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Technorati, and Steam, and are always on the lookout for new tech to explore!

We invite you to pull up a keyboard and have a stroll through GeekTown!

Main Contributors

Dave Elliott

David Elliott

David J Elliott

Dave is Head of New Media for a Birmimgham (UK) design agency. He was the founder of GeekTown, and started the site as place for himself and his friends to post various dumb geeky stuff they liked.

GeekTown seemed like an appropriate name, as most of that stuff they talk about tends to be:

  • Toys they should have grown out of.
  • TV shows (usually sci-fi).
  • Movies (not always sci-fi).
  • Comic books.
  • Superheros
  • Video games.
  • The obsession that was SWG, and how SOE ruined it.
  • The obsession that was/is World of Warcraft.
  • Why the WB Network suck for cancelling Angel.
  • Why FOX suck for cancelling Firefly.
  • General ramblings of people who should know better.

Daryl Williams

Daryl Williams

Daryl ‘D’ Williams

Daryl and Dave first ran into each other on the dunes of Tatooine just outside Bestine Starport when ‘D’ gave Dave a speeder-bike (which i’m pretty sure i’ve never paid him for – Dave ;)). Since that first encounter, they have:

We’re always looking for interesting stories, and contributions, so if you have a story or idea you think would interest us, get in touch!