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Walking Through Time UK & US TV Premiere Date

by Dave Elliott

Until 450,000 years ago, Britain was linked to Continental Europe by a massive land bridge crossed by mammoths and even early humans. But then a mega flood of extraordinary proportions swept the land bridge away – and Britain became an island. In Walking Through Time, Dr Tori Herridge of the Natural History Museum journeys back in time to see for herself the evidence for this geological catastrophe. Her journey begins on the coast of Norfolk to discover what life was like before the ancient mega flood. She meets an amateur paleontologist who uncovered the biggest complete mammoth skeleton ever found, sees the 850,000 year old footprints left by a family of early humans and amazingly preserved in mud, and handles Europe’s earliest hand axe. Then it’s off to Kent and the white cliffs of Dover to see for herself how the mega flood happened and how it changed for ever the shape of Britain. There she joins the first ever oceanographic expedition to be able to film the evidence for this prehistoric cataclysm on the seabed of the English Channel.

Walking Through Time UK TV Premiere Date

Latest/Next UK Season: 1

Latest/Next UK TV Air Date: 06 February 2016 at 8:00 pm

UK Channel: Channel 4

Previous UK Premiere Dates

Walking Through Time US TV Premiere Date

Latest/Next US Season:

Latest/Next US TV Air Date:

US Channel:

Previous US Premiere Dates

Is Walking Through Time Renewed Or Cancelled?

Next Season If Renewed: 2


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Additional Information:

Country of Origin: UK

Dr Tori Herridge of the Natural History Museum journeys back in time to see for herself the evidence for the geological catastrophe that caused the land bridge which linked Britain to Continental Europe to be swept away.

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