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Buffy Season 8 Comic Book

by Dave Elliott

Buffy Season 8 Comic Book

Buffy was always one of my favourite shows, and although the cast may have gone their separate ways, Joss Whedon has decided to continue following the life of the Scoobies post Sunnydale in comic book form.

So, where are they now? Well, as you remember from the season finale, most of Sunnydale is now at the bottom of a large Hellmouth shaped crater. Buffy was last seen by Angel and Spike in Italy… wasn’t she?… Apparently not, it was a decoy. Buffy is actually leading 10 squads of slayers (500 slayers in total), but the U.S. government has classified them as terrorist cells after Sunnydale’s destruction. Central Command for the slayer squads is based in Scotland, headed up by the one-eyed Xander Harris. Buffy and Dawn are having the same sisterly spats, although Dawn has grown (or rather over-grown!) since we last saw her!

That’s enough teasers for now, the first issue is out in the US on the 7th of March from Dark Horse Comics, and to celebrate the return of the Buffyverse, Dark Horse are holding a competition for you to win a role in the comic! :)

For more info on the competition, click here to visit their MySpace page.

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