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/rant I hate IE…

by Dave Elliott


I hate IE… I hate people that use IE… I hate Microsoft… I hate IE… I hate IE… I hate IE…

You know in school, where there’s one kid that the teacher has to give extra attention to? The kid that has to have his food cut for him, the kid that has to have those extra classes and the one on one tutoring? They call that kid ‘special’… Microsoft don’t seem to realise it’s not really ‘special’ in a positive way.

Building CSS menus… work in Safari, Firefox, Opera, and about every browser… Except IE. For IE, you have to add in little bits of extra code. Talk to it. Sing to it. Say nice encouraging things to it.

Why intentionally design something that won’t play with the other kids?

Why design something that needs all the extra attention, just to make it do exactly the same thing as everyone else!?

Having a stressful afternoon…

/rant off

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