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Calling ex-SWG Players.

by Dave Elliott


I was clicking round the mmorpg.com forums this afternoon, when i stumbled over this thread in the SWG section.

It starts with someone reposting an entry from Jeff Freeman’s Blog. Jeff was a developer at SOE and had a hand in the game destroying changes that were the NGE (although i don’t blame him for that).

e.g. One poster posts:

I own a business. If I all of a sudden said “Hey lets stop selling fossils and sell novelty T-Shirts instead.” and you said “Yes we can do that” then it backfired guess whose getting the axe? But if you said no and told me why then you would probably get a raise.

Jeff replies:

Your accountant comes to you and says, “Sales are down again this month. At this rate, we’ll be selling zero* fossils within a year**.”

Your marketing department comes to you and says, “We can sell 4 billion novelty t-shirts. Can you make novelty t-shirts?”

You ask me if we can make novelty t-shirts. I say “Yes we can do that.”

You think the risk is that you’ll get to zero fossil customers much more quickly than you would otherwise, but 4 billion t-shirt customers!

Knowing what I know now, I would say, “I’m out.”

…but was a time I’d have just come up with some t-shirt designs, instead. And your fossil customers would hate me for it.

He goes on to make some very interesting points about the future of MMOs and where they are going. Worth a look if (like me) your still a bitter SWG Veteran. ;)

Read it here

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