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by Daryl

Well, I’ve been to cinema a few times in last week, and other than the obvious loss of funds in my bank due to it I’ve enjoyed the movies I’ve seen. Firstly is

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets


Well, this film is a direct sequel to the first movie, and picks up following the crazy treasure hunting antics of Nicolas Cage and the original cast. The story is not solely based in the USA this time, with trips to Paris and London. The main story is about trying to clear the name of an ancestor by finding a treasure. Much like the first film, there is plenty of humour and some pretty incredible stunts and sets. Running just around 2 hours long, the film grabs your full attention and holds it throughout.
If I have only one problem with the film, it is that i’m British… and the scenes in London, though enjoyable were almost offensive..


“A good movie, well worth seeing. Although, I think the treasure hunting of the year will be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

Ok, next movie… Now, this is a movie that has had incredible hype, and instigated an almost addictive viral campaign over the net for the past year, yep.. its



I’m sure you’re gonna hear alot of conflicting reviews about this film, one thing you might hear alot is how the movie can make some people nauseous, with the shaky camera style filming. The way the movie is filmed can cause some motion sickness, and I do suffer with that.. In fact, I found myself moving in my seat, people around of me must have thought I was hyper! lol

The movie is fantastic, from the opening scenes I was hooked! To dispell one rumour, you see plenty of the Cloverfield during the movie, the title is the name designated to the creature(s) by the Department of Defense in the movie. Amazingly you become quickly attached to the main characters of the movie, and as you watch the night unfold and hope for the best for them.

I really have no intention of ruining the movie for anyone, but I will say, the creature(s) in it are fantastic, and I am waiting impatiently for the official action figure being issued by Hasbro later this year! (be warned if you press that link, you’ll hear the creature!) If Hasbro are reading this, I’d love one of the figures… I’d happily review it, it could live on top of my pc! ha ha ha

I’ve seen alot of monster movies, even some of the less well known ones, and this one takes the biscuit. I think the fact that you don’t actually see the monster entirely through the movie makes it even more frightening, much like the fantastic Alien, were not seeing what was killing the crew was scarier than seeing.


“This movie doesn’t fail to deliver on the hype, its a true thrill-ride, and I hope it’ll go down in history as a true cinematic classic! I wait with baited breath for the sequel! (In fact, think I’ll go see it again tomorrow!)”

Keep watching, will be reviewing Jumper this weekend



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