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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Announced!

by Dave Elliott

First, an apology. I know the posting has slowed to a crawl over the last few weeks. This is mainly due to a mix of me being busy, GTA IV, and now Age of Conan… There’s also been a lack of anything that’s caught my interest to post (probably because everyone else was off playing GTA too!) ;) We are however, working on the Age of Conan review, so that’ll be up soon (hopefully!)

Anyhow, onto the news!

Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft announced at the end of their Ubidays 2008 live conference that they have Beyond Good & Evil 2 in production! Half of you went ‘YAYYYY!’, and the other half went ‘Huh? Beyond Good & the what now?..’

For the uninitiated, Beyond Good & Evil (wiki page) follows the adventures of reporter Jade, and her ‘uncle’ Pey’j (who happens to be a talking pig), as they try to save their planet from the alien DomZ forces. In terms of gameplay, it falls into that vague area often decribed as ‘action/adventure’… Mainly because that’s easier than saying 3rd person/shooter/rpg/stealth/platforming/racing/puzzler! It was intelligently written, beautiful graphics, funny, with clever action sequences and puzzles.

Despite all that and getting decent reviews (87% on Metacritic for the XBox version), much like the genius that is Psychonauts, it didn’t sell as well as you’d expect on inital release. However, Ubisoft must have been counting the coins since it’s release onto Steam and other download marketplaces, and finally have decided it’s worth a sequel! To celebrate, they’ve released this trailer:

All we need to do now is convince Double Fine to make a sequel to Psychonauts! :D

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