Sneak Peek At Lego’s MMORPG : Lego Universe

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31 Jul 08

As regular readers know, here at Geektown, we’re massive fans of MMOPRG‘s and massive fans of LEGO… So what could be better than this new game from NetDevil! LEGO Universe, the LEGO MMO!

The folks over at Gizmodo have got a sneak peak at LEGO Universe, including a chat with Robin Sather, Certified LEGO Professional… I SO want that job title! 😀

LEGO Universe Facts:

  • “Persistent” gameworld
  • Build in the virtual space with LEGO pieces – either on your own or in collaboration with other players
  • Adventuring areas cover all the current LEGO themes past and present, include Space, City, Underwater, Pirates and Ninjas!
  • No PVP
  • Overarching epic storyline about the origins of LEGO Universe and the minifigures that inhabit it
  • Earn bricks by finding them, completing challenges, defeating enemies, gathering goods, discovering treasures and unlocking secrets.
  • Launch is scheduled for 2009

Click here for the Gizmodo interview

Click here for the offical site