REVIEW: Earbud headphones that actually stay in the ear!

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30 Sep 08


Coosh Earphones

I got a big parcel through the post last week. Not having ordered anything, i was kinda curious as to what it was, only to open it up to find… A severed ear!.. Well okay… a plastic severed ear with some earbud headphones wrapped around them. Now, i loath earbud headphones, for the over-riding reason that they never stay in your flippin ears!

However, these headphones (from Coosh), are your standard earbud with the added extra of a soft bit made out of a rubbery type material that wraps around the ear. Extra bits that hook over your ears aren’t a new invention, but all the previous versions i’ve tried do tend to really hurt after a while, but the material the Coosh headphone straps are made from didn’t seem to have that issue.

I have to say, i’m rather impressed. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they stay in place pretty much whatever you do. I passed them round the office to a few people, and despite some rampant headbanging antics, they weren’t budging. The sound quality is pretty good, and the price is affordable too (starting at $19.99).

Don’t take my word for it about them staying in place, they’ve got a bunch of vids on youtube showing off people breakdancing whilst wearing them!

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“Coosh Earphones. Inexpensive, comfy, and actually stay put when you wear them!”