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Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter Official Trailer (HD)

by Dave Elliott

For those of you that know the Watchmen graphic novel, you’ll be aware of this story. For those of you less familiar, Tales of the Black Freighter was a comic book being read by teenage boy named Bernie, who sits beside a newsstand in the Watchmen universe. At points throughout the novel, panels/pages from the Tales of the Black Freighter comic are included at various intervals to “add subtext and allegory” to the main Watchmen story.

Although this story within a story was (somewhat understandably) dropped from the main Watchmen movie, they decided to make it as an animation, and release it on DVD/Blu-Ray to coincide with Watchmen‘s theatrical release. The lead is voiced by Gerard Butler, and tells the story of a mariners survival from an attack by the dreaded Black Freighter, and his horrific struggle to return hometown to warn them abou the ghost ship.

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