Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter Official Trailer (HD)

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17 Feb 09

For those of you that know the Watchmen graphic novel, you’ll be aware of this story. For those of you less familiar, Tales of the Black Freighter was a comic book being read by teenage boy named Bernie, who sits beside a newsstand in the Watchmen universe. At points throughout the novel, panels/pages from the Tales of the Black Freighter comic are included at various intervals to “add subtext and allegory” to the main Watchmen story.

Although this story within a story was (somewhat understandably) dropped from the main Watchmen movie, they decided to make it as an animation, and release it on DVD/Blu-Ray to coincide with Watchmen‘s theatrical release. The lead is voiced by Gerard Butler, and tells the story of a mariners survival from an attack by the dreaded Black Freighter, and his horrific struggle to return hometown to warn them abou the ghost ship.