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Sam Raimi To Direct Warcraft Movie

by Dave Elliott
Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Variety announced today that none other than director Sam Raimi will be taking a stroll through the Barrens for the long rumoured World of Warcraft movie. Sam is no stranger to handling big budget franchises, having 3 Spider-man movies under his belt, and working on a 4th. He also knows a thing or two about dealing with those crafty undead types having written and directed The Evil Dead series of flicks.

Seems like a good pick for me. Okay, Spidey 3 was a bit of a mis-step, but overall he’s proved he knows what he’s doing. Hopefully he’ll get a decent balance of blood thirsty action, drama and humour that makes the Warcraft universe so great. And for those of you that aren’t happy about Raimi, just be thankful Uwe Boll didn’t manage to get the gig. ;)

The World of Warcraft movie is due to go into production after Raimi is done with Spidey 4 which should start shooting early next year.

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