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Review: Jennifer’s Body

by sam
Jennifers Body - In UK Cinemas from November 4th 2009

Jennifers Body - In UK Cinemas from November 4th 2009

Megan Fox - Cheerleader

Megan Fox - Cheerleader

For any of you planning on seeing 20th Century Fox’s new film Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox in the hope that you can read a book by it’s cover… or indeed film by it’s title, then you won’t be disappointed. Apart from being a super slick and comic teen horror, it is largely based around Miss Fox shrink wrapped in various high school outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination. I think they only made her a cheerleader so they could dress her up.

Saying that, it’s not a bad film for what it is. The story follows Needy, played by Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia), a four eyed geeky but quietly cool type who is best friends with the hottest and most popular girl in school, Jennifer, Megan Fox (Transformers). When self obsessed Jennifer is turned into a blood lusting, boy killing monster by an antagonistic rock band of satanists, led by Adam Brody, Needy has to find a way to stop her from preying on her all too easy male classmates.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

No surprises that it’s not the most complicated of films but behind the cringe worthy bed chat, bloody violence and rock music there is an honest portrayal of hormonal angst ridden teenage life, which is laugh out loud funny at times. The two leads are surprisingly brilliant and un-stereotypical. It’s hard to believe Seyfried is the same sickly sweet girl who sang Abba to us and besides the body, Fox does put in a great performance as a terrifyingly disgusting man eating demon so it turns out she ain’t just a pretty face. Plus OC fans will be glad and not at all disappointed to see Adam Brody back on screen.

The special effects and make up were realistic enough to make me cover my eyes but without being over the top. All in all it was fun, a bit of an old school tongue in cheek horror but more sexy. I wish my school had been that sassy…maybe without the guts and relentless murdering.


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