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Chartjackers for Children In Need

by Dave Elliott

Chartjackers - Jimmy, Charlie, Alex and Johnny

As I mentioned in our review of Disney’s A Christmas Carol yesterday, we bumped into 2 girls from Hat Trick at the Premiere, who were helping out the ChartJackers Project. 4 guys (Charlie, Alex, Johnny and Jimmy) who are trying to attempt the impossible: with no budget, and using only their charm and the internet, they are going to get a number one single for Children In Need.

In just ten weeks the guys must get a song written, find the musicians to perform it, blag a studio and persuade some of the biggest names on YouTube to come together, form a super group and sing it. Along the way they’ll be meeting one hit wonders, blagging recording time in a top studio, persuading DJs to play list their song. In short doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO GET TO NUMBER ONE!

It used to be you needed to sell truck loads of records to get to number one. Now on average a UK number one needs under 50, 000 units with Elvis getting to number one in 2005 with just over 20, 000 sales. The boys have a combined subscriber base on You tube of 200,000 people. Add on the halo effect of Children In Need, fans of other You tubers they may involve, and the BBC Switch audience, and they just might be in with a chance…

More info at ChartJackers Project.

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