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Top 5 Most Whiny Characters in Sci-Fi/Fantasy

by Dave Elliott

I’ve recently been replaying some old PC games and watching some old TV shows, and there have been a number of times when I’ve just started thinking, ‘I really wish that guy would quit whinging and get a grip’…

So here’s Geektown’s top 5 list of the most whiny, whinging Characters in Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

5. John Connor – Terminator 2

Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

This was D’s pick, and I whole heartedly agree. John Connor is pretty whiny in most iterations. In The Sarah Connor Chronicles, in Terminator 3, even Christian Bale‘s Connor in Terminator 4 was up for a good whinge, but it’s Edward Furlong‘s T2 version that really comes out on top as the whiniest. You had your own kick ass Terminator that would follow your every command. Most 10 year old only get Lego to play with, quit complaining!

4. Carth Onasi – Knights of the Old Republic


Carth Onasi

Carth is the first person you meet in RPG Knights of the Old Republic. He’s a Republic solider and pilot who pretty much seems to have had a sense of humour bypass, and does nothing but whinge and complain about the fact that he feels useless and unappreciated since you got your new Jedi buddies around with you. You know what Carth, your not a bad fighter, but given the choice of taking one of 3 pretty powerful Jedi, a Wookiee, a hard-as-nails Mandalorian, a wise-cracking Twi Lek, or a homicidal robot who refers to humans as ‘meatbags’, your whiny ass is at the bottom of the list, so just suck it up and fly the damn ship.

3. Louis de Pointe du Lac – Interview with the Vampire

Louis the Vampire Whinger

Louis du Whinger

Brad Pitt came under some criticism for the fact that Louis – the Interviewee in Interview with the Vampirewas so whiny and annoying, but it was actually a pretty accurate portrayal of the character in Ann Rice‘s original novel. Even in print Louis made me want to reach into the text and give him a slap round the face. It’s no great surprise that Rice chose to write the next book about Lestat, Louis’s far more enimatic sire… I’m sure Louis would have whinged about that too…

2. Connor – Angel


Connor - worlds whiniest superhuman.

Words can not totally express how annoying i find this kid… He takes the idea of moody teenager to a whole new level. He’s the child of 2 vampires (Angel and Darla), giving him all the vampiric superhuman powers, without the annoying little drawback of sunlight flaying him alive. Yet, he still whinges. Angel tries to show him he loves his son. Connor seals him in a metal box and drops him to the bottom of the ocean… and carries on whinging. He get’s to sleep with Cordelia… and then whinges about it for the next 5 episodes. Honestly, i think if you told him he’d won the lottery, and Hugh Hefner said he could  sleep with any playboy bunny he liked, he’d complain his wallet wasn’t big enough for his 100 dollar bills, and the wool in the bunny tails make him come out in a rash…

1. Anakin Skywalker – Star Wars Episode II & III


Anakin Skywalker

Ah, lil Anni… Sure Jar Jar was annoying, and Luke was pretty whiny. But for the gold medal, standing ovation of whininess, you really can beat Anakin Skywalker. He starts out a little blond haired, fresh faced, Tatooine boy. Annoying? Certainly. But it’s not until he becomes a Jedi that he really start’s to become the ultimate whinger in the universe. At least Luke had something to complain about. He’d been dumped on a planet of sand and forced to be a moisture farmer. Anakin get taken from the galaxy’s dust bowl, trained to become an uber-powerful Jedi Knight, bags the hottest senator in all the republic, and STILL manages to find everything to complain about. Really it’s a wonder Obi-wan didn’t hack off Anakin’s legs earlier. At least that seemed to stop him whinging. Although, i suppose when you realise you can force choke anyone that disagrees with you, life possibly seems a little easier.

So that’s our list. Have we missed someone you think should be there? If you have any more you’d like to suggest, leave us a comment!

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