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Warhammer 40k The Movie – Ultramarines

by Dave Elliott

Ultramarines - Warhammer 40k movie!

Hot on the heels of the announcement that this years E3 could have some Warhammer 40k space marine action in the form of a W40k MMO, I get tweeted about Ultramarines, a Warhammer 40k CGI animated movie! (The tweet appeared to come straight from Sean Pertwee, but his account is not verified, so I won’t post a link to it, just in case it’s not him… if it is though – Hi Sean! :))

Ultramarines is being written by best-selling author Dan Abnett. Although Dan is probably best know for his million+ selling Warhammer fantasy and 40k novels, he was also responsible for relaunching Legion of Super-Heroes for DC, created Sinister Dexter for 2000AD, and a bunch of work for Marvel, and has written his own original fiction.

Ultramarines Movie

The movie also has an impressive cast list, including Terence Stamp, John Hurt, and the aforementioned Sean Pertwee (who’s also starring in the awesome looking Slingers project.)

Other key roles are being played by Donald Sumpter (most recently seen as  Being Human’s nasty priest Kemp), Steven Waddington (Duke of Buckingham – The Tudors, Sleepy Hollow), Johnny Harris (Dorian Gray, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), Ben Bishop, Christopher Finney, and Gary Martin.

Vanessa Chapman, managing director of the production company, Codex Pictures, is delighted to have attracted such a prestigious cast to Ultramarines. “Our goal has been to give the characters distinctive and authoritative voices, fitting to these superhuman men of war,” she says. “Coupled with the authentic and engaging facial capture provided by Image Metrics, these outstanding actors are going to do so much to bring the Warhammer 40,000 universe powerfully to life on screen.”

For more info, have a look at ultramarinesthemovie.com

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