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Axe Falls on ‘Stargate Universe’

by Dave Elliott
Stargate Universe Cancelled!

Stargate Universe Cancelled!

Always knew this was likely given it’s US ratings, but reports are saying SyFy have axed ‘Stargate Universe’. Real shame, as it just seems to be getting stronger and stronger as a show, but isn’t finding an audience. For me, it’s the most interesting and different to of the Stargate franchise… But that was possibly also part of it’s downfall.

Yes, the style was… shall we say ‘heavily influenced’… by Battlestar Galactica. But BSG was a great show too (even with the slightly dodgy ending), so I never saw being inspired by another show as an issue. I mean, we wouldn’t have has those interestingly show space sequences in BSG if it hadn’t been for Firefly doing it first.

The final 10 episodes of SGU’s second season will air on SyFy (US) in the Spring of 2011, and presumably on Sky1 soon after.

So another interesting and dark scifi show bites the dust. Would you like to see a new Stargate franchise? If so, where would you want them to go next? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or over on the forum.

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