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Review: Family Guy – It’s A Trap!

by Dave Elliott

The Griffins’ are back in their latest version of a galaxy far, far away with the third installment of the Family Guy/Star Wars satire – a retelling Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi in Family Guy – It’s A Trap!

The story opens, like the film, with C-3PO (Quagmire) and R2-D2 (Cleveland) turning up at Jabba the Hutt’s (Joe) Palace, as part of a plan by Luke Skywalker (Chris) and Princess Leia (Lois) to free Han Solo (Peter) from carbonite, and Jabba’s clutches. After Luke defeats the giant Rancor… sorry, scratch that, giant Rush Limbaugh, the gang are taken to be fed to the Salacc Pit (cue Meg’s guest appearance).

This is the first of the 3 parodies to include character from Seth Macfarlane’s other 2 tv shows, American Dad and The Cleveland Show. The most noticeable guest role is taken by Klaus, the fish from America Dad, as Admiral Ackbar, but Tim the Bear from The Cleveland Show also features prominently once the heroes reach Endor, playing all the Ewoks! Meanwhile, over on the Empire’s side, the brilliantly written Stewie reprises his role as Darth Vader, and Carter Pewterschmidt is back as the Emperor.

It’s A Trap doesn’t quite have the comedic value of Blue Harvest, but it’s still got some great moments, such as C-3PO reciting the plot to The Fresh Prince, rather than the battle against the Empire, and Vader trying to turn Luke to the dark side by making fun of Seth Green (who voices Chris/Luke). Like the standard Family Guy, ‘It’s A Trap!’ also has a bunch of cameo voice spots – including Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn reprising their roles from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Trilogy).

The Blu-ray/DVD extras include the usual Audio Commentaries and animatics, Peter Shin Draws – where Peter draw a few of the popular characters from the trilogy as he talks about their conception & evolution, and Sock Puppet Outtakes (that’ll make sense when you’ve seen It’s A Trap!). There’s also one of the oddest (but strangely compelling) extras I’ve seen on a disc, which is 4 members of the Family Guy crew playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit!

Family Guy: It’s A Trap!” – arrives exclusively on Triple Play (Blu-ray, DVD + Digital Copy) and DVD + Digital Copy on 27th December from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

8/10 – It’s A Trap! It’s Freakin’ Sweet!

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