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Top Car Chases in Movies

by Dave Elliott

For car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies the car chase is often a favourite part of any movie. There is something quite satisfying about watching ridiculously expensive cars get damaged or being worthy of getting written off. It’s even more satisfying watching your favourite star escape from their enemies by using some pretty serious driving skills. Here are 5 fantastic car chase scenes, in no particular order…

The Italian Job

The original The Italian Job featuring Michael Caine has to be on this list- it’s a classic (the 1960’s version, not the Mark Wahlberg remake). This film undoubtedly put the classic Layland Mini on the map, and probably helped the Mini turn into a British icon. The chase sequence was filmed in Turin, where a fleet of a red, blue and white Mini took to our screens and showed us just what this tiny car can do. Until the Mini chase in the more recent The Bourne Identity, this was a one of a kind car chase which hadn’t been attempted to recreate. It’s a good job The Bourne Identity’s attempt was a good one…

The Quantum of Solace

It was hard to pick just one Bond film as there is a fantastic car chase in near enough all of them- all featuring some exquisite cars. Finally, The Quantum of Solace’s opening sequence made my mind up for me, as I think it’s a car chase that’s hard to beat where quality is concerned. Bond (Daniel Craig) is fleeing from the Quantum organisation in a £160,000 Aston Martin, which got completely wrecked by the end of the chase. As if this isn’t heart-breaking enough; when the crew were transporting the Aston Martin to the set, one employee accidentally drove a brand new Aston Martin into a lake and got it completely written off. That was another £160,000 down the drain…

The Dark Knight

Technically, this isn’t a car chase- it’s a truck (driven by the Joker) and a Batmobile chase, however, any Batman fan will agree that this deserves to be included in this list. When the Batmobile gets damaged, it sheds its outer body and becomes the Batpod, probably the ultimate motorbike. The stunts and special effects are second-to-none, and this scene is a favourite amongst Batman fans around the globe…


This 1991 action thriller stars Robert De Niro and Jean Reno, and has some fabulous car chase scenes set in Nice and Paris. The beautiful setting and the near misses in Metro tunnels makes Ronin’s car chase scenes some of the best ever made. Definitely one to watch.

The French Connection

This 1971 crime film sees two New York police officers attempting to intercept a shipment of heroin that is being imported from France. The car chase in The French Connection is an adrenaline fuelled masterpiece- and probably one of the most realistic. The reason why it is realistic is because the production team didn’t close the road where they filmed the car chase, and the scene features real members of the public. We see a New York cop chasing after a train trying to catch an escaping fugitive. Nail biting stuff!

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