Justin Timberlake’s In Time for Comic Con

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22 Jul 11

IGN has posted this interesting little trailer which aired at Comic Con today for Justin Timberlake‘s new movie In Time.

The film explores the idea of a world where ‘time’ has replaced hard cash as currency. Every grows up to the age of 25, then stops aging… The kicker is that everyone is genetically engineered to only live to 26… Unless you can accrue some additional time credit, then you get to live forever – or at least until your clock runs out. Literally.

Also stars Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, 28 Days Later), Olivia Wilde (House, Cowboys & Aliens) and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men, Angel). Nice interesting concept, and should be one to look out for!

In Time is due for release in the UK on 1st November 2011.