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Chuck to face off against… Mark Hamill!

by Dave Elliott
Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill will be in Chuck Season 5

Season 5 maybe the last for Chuck, but it looks like they’re preparing to pull out all the stops before walking off into the sunset. Today at Comic Con, exec producer and co-creator Chris Fedak announce the one and only living legend that is Mark Hamill will be taking on a villain’s role in the final season.

Not content with having had our hero battle Superman (Brandon Routh), and James Bond (Timothy Dalton) in previous season, Chuck will now face the man responsible for one of the world most iconic heroes in Luke Skywalker. For those of you that are thinking, ‘should Hamill be a good guy then?’, make no mistake… Hamill can do evil. For the last 20 years he’s built a career as a prolific voice actor, and for many people is the definitive version of the Joker, having voice the character in nearly every animated series and video game adaptation since the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series.

Although i’ll be sad to see Chuck go, I’m really looking forward to see Mark on screen, and see how they use him. Chuck is back in the US this ‘Fall Season’, so hopefully we should get it around the same time. Keep an eye on our UK Air Dates page for updates!

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