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New and Returning shows on UK TV in March!

by Dave Elliott

As we are just at the start of a new month I though i’d highlight a few of the new and returning shows coming in March that the residents of GeekTown are really looking forward to!

Castle, Season 4

The Nathon Fillion cop/writer drama ‘Castle‘ returns to Alibi for it’s 4th season, and after the dramatic and shocking conclusion to season 3, the tension continues into the start of season 4. This season also sees the inclusion of a new regular cast member, in the form of  Penny Johnson Jerald (that’s Sherry Palmer to the 24 fans!)

Castle, Season 4 returns to Alibi on the 7th March at 9pm.

Touch, Season 1


Kiefer Sutherland is back! This time not as a hard-as-nails CTU agent, but as Martin Bohm, a father to Jake, his mute son, who’s obsession with numbers seem to allow him to predict future events… Touch is written by Heroes creator Tim Kring, and is due to air on Sky 1 later this month. Definitely one to watch out!

Touch, Season 1 will air on Sky 1 on the 20th March at 8pm.

Dexter, Season 6


Dexter is arriving much earlier than usual this year, as everyone’s favourite serial killer makes his return to FXUK. Set a year after the events of season 5, Dexter’s head is very much back in the serial killing game. This season is also has a number of notable guest stars including Colin Hanks, Edward James Olmos and Mos Def.

Dexter, Season 6 airs on FX UK on the 30th March 2012 at 10pm.

For the full list of UK premiere dates, click here to view the UK Air Dates page!

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