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Terra Nova Cancelled by Fox!

by Dave Elliott
Terra Nova Cancelled

Terra Nova Cancelled

As we posted a few weeks ago, the future of Terra Nova was about 50/50… It now seems is as extinct as the dinos themselves (sorry, there had to be one reference to dinosaur extinction in this post!).

Fox have cancelled Terra Nova – the sci-fi show which was produced by Steven Spielberg, and aired on Sky 1 in the UK.

We knew a decision was imminent, but despite the backing of Spielberg, the show never really managed to hit the numbers the network felt it needed to make a season 2 viable. They wanted a Lost-esque style massive smash, but ended up with a decent enough solid sci-fi show that never quite reached it’s potential.

I rather enjoyed Terra Nova Season 1, and I do feel it’s a shame they didn’t get the chance to expand into a 2nd season. Such is the nature of tv networks these days…

What will be interesting to watch, is what happens to Fox’s other shows…

There is a general feeling that J. J. Abrams’s ‘Fringe‘ may be coming to an end, and rumour has it, the show will only get a short 5th season to round things up.

The future of Bones spin off ‘The Finder‘ is looking a little shaky, after it was moved to Friday nights for failing to retain it’s audience from it’s American Idol lead in.

And J. J. Abrams’s other Fox show ‘Alcatraz’ is apparently also struggling, with it’s viewing figured nearly half the season premiere by episode 7.

Fair to say, things aren’t looking great at Fox this season… Lets hope Kiefer Sutherland and his new show ‘Touch‘, from Heroes creator Tim Kring (due to air on Sky 1 – 20th March 2012 at 8pm) can pull some of that old Jack Bauer magic and give Fox the hit they desperately need!

The Terra Nova production company (also Fox… ’20th Century Fox Television’, but still Fox…), are trying to sell the show to another network, but i really wouldn’t hold out much hope…

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