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Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary Closes It’s Doors

by Dave Elliott
Sanctuary Cancelled

Sanctuary Cancelled

We’ve still got a few episodes to go in the UK, but Season 4 of Amanda Tapping’s Sanctuary will be it’s last, as she announced it had been officially cancelled today.

I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers, but I’m told there are a number of things that happen towards the end of season 4 that pointed to Sanctuary not returning… I’ll leave it at that, and keep things spoiler free! ;) Also, there’d been no news about renewal from SyFy, and they’d apparently handed their studio over to another show… It’s fair to say, this was not unexpected!

From it’s humble web-series beginnings 5yrs ago, Sanctuary grew into a fully fledged TV series in 2008, with Amanda roped in a few of her old Stargate pals for guest spots throughout the run. Filmed almost entirely on green screen, Sanctuary technically pushed the boundaries, being nominated for an Emmy for it’s visual effects, and being the first show to be shot entirely using the RED camera system, which ditches tape entirely, and allows the visual effects guys to start working immediately on the footage.

Sanctuary followed the exploits of Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping), a 270-odd year old medical/scientific researcher who runs a network of sanctuaries for ‘abnormals’ – Animals and people with extraordinary powers and abilities, but would be considered monsters by the public.

Amanda Tapping is currently directing episodes on the first season of Primeval: New World, the Canadian spin off of UK’s PrimevalPrimeval: New World will air on Watch later in 2012.

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