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Essential Productivity Apps for Android

by Dave Elliott
Android Productivity Apps

Android Productivity Apps

Recent times have seen the line between phone and personal computer blur to the point where it’s hard to tell the difference. The phone in your pocket can be an incredible tool to boost your productivity, enabling you to keep track of time, assess priorities, work on the go, and stay in touch with family and business clients.

An Android phone deals with the needs of busy people with a host of great business tools. It’s a great platform with a rich and varied app ecosystem that has rapidly grown to rival that of Apple’s iPhone. Business and productivity software is an area that’s is particularly well furnished, with a vast range of slick and efficient applications that can boost your productivity. Put one of these phones in your pocket, load it up with the relevant software and within a month returning to your former life will be unimaginable. Many productivity applications are generic, and are useful for any activity from parenting, running a small business, charity work or education.

There are also many apps that are targeted at a specific activity, resulting in software that understands your business. Whatever area you specialise in we guarantee that you can find software that will help you go about your daily activities.

Here’s the best of the best in our android productivity roundup!

To do lists

Androids Marketplace is awash with task list apps but Wunderlist consistently top polls for both usability and features. It’s available for all the major phone platforms as well as traditional laptop and PC’s meaning tasks can be shared via the central Wunderlist server. Task’s can also be assigned and email reminders are a standard part of the service.

File Sharing

Dropbox offers the convenience of all your important documents to hand wherever you go. With automatic synching across all your devices the latest version of a file will always be to hand, and you can ditch that memory stick. Dropbox will cleanly display PDF files on your phone or tablet making it a great tool for any style of presentation.

New ideas

Mind mapping comes to Android with Thinking Space, an intuitive and cleanly design application. It’s a great tool for generating ideas, either with groups or alone. Once your thoughts are captured it’s a breeze to review and reorder the data, and then share it in a number of formats. This application is wonderful to use on your phone, but really comes into its own with the larger screen of a tablet.


Android ships with its own Email functionality but the power user may wish for an expanded feature set. K-9 mail is a popular choice allowing for trouble free connection to IMAP servers with the option to set synch limits. This is great news, as it will preserve your phones storage space whilst limiting your use of bandwidth and battery power.

Tracking Time

As a small business you may charge hourly rates and you can achieve new heights of accountability with a package like Time Recording. Not only will the software allow you to check in when you commence work, but it will record your input into specific jobs. You can include hourly rates, overtime and automatically generate data for invoices.


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