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5 Vehicles We Can All Geek Out On

by Guest Writer

Gull-wing doors, rocket launchers and built-in invisibility features; why is it you have to live in a video game world or work in Hollywood to score an epic vehicle?

From the DeLorean to the Warthog, we’re channeling our inner geek for a look at some of the coolest vehicles around. Yes, the DeLorean is a vehicle we can all nerd out on—who doesn’t want a flux capacitor—but it’s is hardly the first and only vehicle to get our blood pumping.

Here’s a look at some of the more fantastical modes of transportation of pop culture.

The Tumbler

Believe it or not, some Bat-fans were a little skeptical of the Tumbler, Bruce Wayne’s new Batmobile in “Batman Begins” because it had more of a military feel than superhero.

Yes, the Tumbler lost the dorky fins and cartoonish look from Batman films and TV past, yet what ensued was the coolest, sleekest and most impressive Batmobile to date. Batman’s car was so cool, in fact, that we all were a little bummed when it was damaged beyond repair and morphed into the Batpod midway through “The Dark Knight.”

In case you’re not sold yet, just remember the Tumbler’s features:

  • Dual forward-firing machine guns
  • Rocket launcher
  • Stealth mode
  • Heavily armored to the point where it’s nearly indestructible

The Tumbler was so popular that Warner Bros. launched a “Tumbler tour” across America leading up to the release of 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” allowing fans to see it for themselves. But unless you work for Wayne Enterprises or can sweet talk Mr. Lucius Fox, you won’t find any of these cars for sale. This hasn’t stopped fans from building real life, operational Tumbler replicas, however—minus the weapons, of course.

Batman with his new Batmobile (2445955296)

Photo of the Tumbler by Syed Abdul Khaliq via Wikimedia Commons

The Warthog

Anyone who’s ever played “Halo” knows the Warthog. It’s the vehicle driven by Master Chief, specially equipped for alien battle. It features giant wheels for off-roading and combat in some of the harshest environments from Blood Gulch and beyond. And let’s face it: a Warthog just looks flat-out fun to drive.

Now, you can drive an actual Warthog. One individual in the UK has worked to transform an old Land Rover Defender 110 into Master Chief’s trademark vehicle, according to The Chive.

E3 Expo 2012 - Microsoft booth - Halo 4 warthog

Photo of the Warthog featured at E3 by pop culture geek via Wikimedia Commons

The Blackbird

Although it’s not a ground vehicle like the DeLorean, Warthog or Tumbler, the Blackbird is one awe-inspiring aerial vehicle from the X-Men movies and comic books. It can vertically take off and land, features holographic camouflage, weapons systems and engines capable of flying the plane to hypersonic speeds.

While the Blackbird is a fictional jet, its inspiration is not. In fact, Science Fiction and Fantasy states that the Blackbird is based off of Lockheed Martin’s SR-71 spy plane.

Other Cool Vehicles

We knew we said in the title that we’d give you five vehicles to geek out on, but it’s just too hard to narrow it down. So here’s a look at some other super cool vehicles worth geeking out on:

  • Maxwell Smart’s 1973 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
  • James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5, as seen in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”
  • Bumblebee (aka a modern-day Chevy Camaro) from the “Transformers” film trilogy
  • 1983 GMC G-Series van, as driven by B.A. Barachus of “The A-Team”

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