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Films to look out for this Autumn 2013!

by Dave Elliott

The summer may be coming to an end and the night’s drawing in but that’s no reason to be glum. With a dazzling selection of brilliant films set for release over the coming autumn months, why not pay a visit to the cinema, and come to watch the latest films at Cineworld Cinemas. Here are some of the coming season’s top attractions.

RiddickThis fall . . . Rule the Dark.

The latest in this groundbreaking epic series chronicles the next chapter in the tale of Riddick. This blockbuster comes as another entry in the sprawling franchise, which now spans three movies and two video games. The thrilling 28th century sci-fi backdrop builds upon the aesthetics and expansive, well-crafted geographical elements used in such films as Avatar and Prometheus, so you can be sure it looks incredible. The dark palette and rocky, desolate environments are executed with style and look superb on the big screen. Expect swift, visceral action and a dark, gritty performance from Vin Diesel as Riddick.

Romeo & JulietThe most dangerous love story ever told.

Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy of love and family feuds is reborn this autumn, a testament to the timeless nature of its narrative. This version has been described as a ‘Romeo & Juliet for the Twilight generation’, despite the fact that half the current generation can’t bear the Twilight films. No one’s quite sure exactly what this means in terms of how the story will be presented but surely everyone can afford to indulge in a film celebrating love and passion.

Romeo & Juliet’s last big screen adaptation came courtesy of Baz Luhrmann in 1996. So it remains to be seen how Douglas Booth’s Romeo will compare to DiCaprio’s and Hailee Steinfeld’s Juliet to Claire Danes’. Will there be chemistry between the new duo? Find out this autumn!

Jackass – Bad Grampa: Real people. Real reactions. Real messed up.

The latest Jackass jaunt sees members of the original cast merge together with the general public for a hidden-camera road trip like no other! Jonny Knoxville disappears into his 86-year-old alter ego, Irving Zisman, and journeys across America with his fake grandson Billy. Like many other comedies that have utilized the hidden camera trick, the real reactions from those who are duped are sure to cause belly laughs galore – as well as tongue-bitingly awkward moments for you the viewers. Especially when beauty pageant contestants, strippers and bikers are amongst the Jackass crew’s unlucky victims!

Old BoyAsk not why you were imprisoned. Ask why you were set free.


In 2003, Old Boy was a surprise cinematic smash from South Korea. The film scored 8.4 on IMDB and made it into the top 100 films of all time. It had a unique and very well-written script and was executed in a manner both dramatic and gripping – not to mention shocking. This meant that this intelligent, brutal and bittersweet film resonated with all those who valued quality cinema across the globe.

The story in this Hollywood remake remains the same. It revolves around a young man who is kidnapped, then held captive for 20 years in solitary confinement with only a television for company. Once released, he is given the chance for redemption but only if he can find out why if he was the victim of this terrible conspiracy. This makes for a unique, dynamic and action-packed thriller.

So whatever you go to see this season – action, thriller, rom com or horror – you’re sure to find something you love at Cineworld.

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