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Geektown Awards 2013 – Winner: Best TV Show – Sci-fi 2013

by Dave Elliott

Some interesting results in the Sci-fi category this year, but ultimately there were 2 shows that really were rating way in front of the others. 5th place went to Sky 1’s Revolution with 8.8% of the vote (just beating out Orphan Black by 0.1%!). 4th place went to debut series Under the Dome (8.8%), which airs on Channel 5 in the UK. As for the top 3…

3rd – Falling Skies


With 9.6% of the vote, it’s nice to see an out-and-out sci-fi show in the list. Aliens, a dystopian future, and humans in a battling to save their planet. Really doesn’t get much more sci-fi than that! Airs on Fox in the UK and should return in July 2014 if previous years are anything to go by.

2nd – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Whilst it might not be Joss Whedon’s best work (not yet anyway…), Agents of SHIELD (16.9% of the vote) is still a highly entertaining mix of kick ass fun and some quippy one-liners. Assuming it get’s renewed for a 2nd season, and I suspect it will, I’m looking forward to seeing where things go, and what changes it brings. We’re still only halfway through season 1 right now, which should return to Channel 4 in Feb 2014 after it’s mid-season break. Check out the video above for a sneak peek at the next episode… Looks like we may finally find out if Tahiti really was as beautiful as Coulson believes…

1st – Doctor Who


Once again, Doctor Who takes the top spot, with a massive 38% of the vote. With a new year, we get a new Doctor in the form of Peter Capaldi who takes control of the TARDIS when the new series begins in Autumn 2014. Found this nice little video someone has put together of all 13 regeneration’s so far – obviously, spoiler warning if you’ve not seen this years Christmas episode yet!

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