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Cinematic and Television Treasures: Gone, but Never Forgotten

by Dave Elliott
The Value of Cherished Memories

The Value of Cherished Memories

The Value of Cherished Memories

You know a movie or television show did something right when you see it in other forms of entertainment and merchandising years after their release. Our strong and passionate desires to reconnect with the past might be slightly exploited, but the wave of nostalgia that envelops us usually outweighs the cost. The following is an abbreviated list of some older, heartfelt movies and TV shows that live on today through clever representations:

1 – “The Goonies” came out in 1985 and you can still get the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray set at Amazon that features a new board game, storyboard reproductions, 1985 souvenir magazine reprint, and reprint of the 2009 Empire Magazine article with cast photos. It also has the movie itself in glorious high definition along with many other extras like outtakes, cast commentary, and more. With all of the reboots that Hollywood is spitting out these days, it is almost certain “The Goonies” will ride again.

2 – A couple of the most unusual, yet fascinating, nostalgic movie tributes are the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Forrest Gump” online games at Intercasino. Whether trying to line up Save Ferris buttons or boxes of chocolate, the air is dripping with both sentimentality and excitement. Who could have ever imagined Ferris and Forrest on the slots? Maybe they should get the full-on video game treatment sometime soon.

3 – A film that was released in 1998 fits perfectly into this article’s theme. The movie along with one word has triggered an astounding amount of mania and a huge cult following. That movie is “The Big Lebowski” and the word is DUDE. Just take a look at its memorabilia page at Entertainment Earth and you’ll get an idea of the phenomenon. You will find figures, bowling shirts, shot glasses, sunglasses, and lots more. If you want something, the DUDE abides!

4 – 75 years have gone by and “The Wizard of Oz” still touches us like few movies can. Barnes & Noble carries dozens of books that honor the masterpiece within their pages. Timeless photographs, interesting anecdotes, and compelling factual notes fill these beautiful texts (like the 75th Anniversary Companion), while magically transporting us back to a wondrous time and place. With its impressive nostalgic weight, “The Wizard of Oz” could easily keep charming people for another 75 years.

5 – The original Star Trek television show only ran from 1966 to 1969, yet the franchise still lives today in the form of blockbusting movies. Even though the newer films are obviously so much more visually advanced and appealing, the style of the old TV show really hits the mark when it comes to memorabilia. Diamond Select Toys offers everything from replica phasers and communicators to classic action figures and Enterprise models. How’s that for a blast from the past?

Flashbacks and Headway

The list above is just a small sample size of the nostalgia business. We didn’t even talk about movies like “Star Wars” or shows like “Doctor Who.” There is definitely a demand, and/or need, for trinkets that serve as time-travelling portals to soothe the soul. They help us recapture sensations from long ago, so that we can soar into the future.

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