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Shows We Wish Were Premiering This Autumn…

by Elizabeth Eckhart

It’s officially autumn, which means that it’s time for most of our favorite television series to return to our screens, bringing a whole new round of action, adventure, laughs, or drama along with them. It also might strike a chord of sadness for those of us who, through the years, have lost a series or two we’ve deeply cared for. So, to celebrate those shows we (or the studios, rather) said goodbye to far too soon, let’s take a look back at a handful of the shows we’re all still holding a candle for.

My So Called Life

Sure, it’s an expected pick, but it’s on everyone’s list for a reason; it was a darn good show! I mean, its one and only season aired 20 years ago and we’re still talking about it! It captured those weird teenage years in that weird decade of the 90’s in a fantastic way. It wasn’t sugary sweet and it didn’t strive to act as a public service announcement every week. The show thrived on solid writing and pretty real situations that most teens in that time were facing, but not in a patronizing and condescending way that many teen geared series did. Those of you who are feeling particularly nostalgic for that manic period known as the early 90’s can luckily watch order the DVD set from Amazon.

Law & Order


This corner stone of syndicated series was astonishingly cancelled back in 2010. Its original polish had dulled in comparison to the massive success of its spinoff, Law & Order: SVU, which is still one of the most popular dramas on air (and is available on Sky). Another factor that added to the sting of it being cancelled was the fact that it was cut off during its 20th season, a number that only The Simpsons and Gunsmoke have been able to successfully reach. Luckily for fans of the series the UK spinoff is still going strong, and the original is available on demand through US sites (using Unlocator) or on Channel 5.

Twin Peaks

Another cult classic from the early 90’s, Twin Peaks was also given the axe by ABC after only two seasons in 1991. The brainchild of Mark Frost and David Lynch was widely watched during it’s first season, but the ratings unfortunately dropped after ABC (stupidly) pushed the show’s writers and producers to reveal who murdered Laura in the middle of the second season. The ratings plunged after that, and the show was unsurprisingly cut.

However, as you might have heard by now, Showtime has revived the series in an astonishing move. The new, limited run, Twin Peaks will air in 2016 to mark the series 25th anniversary. It will take place in present time, and much of the series will reflect what has occurred in the town during the last 25 years. In the mean time, UK fans can revisit the original episodes.


This sci-fi/western hybrid series is also a mainstay on the lists of shows the fans want back. There have been multiple campaigns to revive the series since its cancellation in 2003, all to no avail. The series only made it through eleven of its fourteen ordered episodes before FOX canceled the show due to low ratings. The series did, however, get a film addition in 2005 called Serenity, but fans are still holding out hopes their favorite series will return.

Despite its low ratings its fanbase (called Browncoats) is that of legend. In the early days of the internet this group of devoted followers raised money to run an ad in Variety, donated $14,000 to place copies of the first season DVD on 250 U.S. Navy ships and hosted worldwide charity screenings of Serenity which have raised close to $400,000 during their 2006-2009 run. The Browncoats have even had a documentary made about them and their campaigning called Done the Impossible. In today’s day of internet fandom, the Browncoats still reign supreme as one of the first and most dedicated groups. 

Arrested Development

The little show that could is what they should called this former FOX series, which is now owned by Netflix. After years of campaigning, hoping, and dreaming of a revival following it’s untimely cancellation in 2006, fans got their wish when Netflix picked up the series in 2013. It’s stories like this that give fans of cancelled shows a reason to fight. Even if it is the exception to the rule, the cult series lives to see another day.


As you can see, there still is some glimmer of hope for your favorite series to come back. Granted, for every hundred shows cancelled, one will probably get picked up or continued, but still, it’s this hope that keeps the more maniacal fans going!


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